The Business Education Department believes that students should participate in a rigorous program that helps them develop the skills and ideas necessary to be successful in their personal, academic and professional lives. We believe that students should understand the role of business in both a local and global economy. We believe that students should understand the daily functions, operations, and responsibilities of modern business. In this information-based era, students enrolled in business courses will acquire valuable hardware and software skills. These technology skills will strengthen and prepare the student to succeed in this society. Lastly, we believe that all students should acquire a high level of proficiency in all areas of communication, including public speaking and the appropriate use of presentation technology.


The Business Education Department has two objectives:

  • To provide students with a thorough understanding of the organization, functions, methods and social significance of the American system of business enterprise. Emphasis is also placed on managing personal business affairs and the proficient use of technology.
  • To develop proficiency skills for initial employment or for personal use. Although New Trier students can acquire business information and develop business skills sufficient to qualify for initial positions in stores or offices, the majorities do not expect to enter directly into their vocation upon graduation from New Trier. Special emphasis, therefore, is placed on understanding those fundamental principles which provide an excellent background not only for more specialized business training at the college level but also for practical, personal use.