Dance Theater 2018


The Performing Arts Division at New Trier High School is proud to present Dance Theater New Trier , our student dance company, in concert on May 3 rd and 4 th in the Cornog Auditorium at the Northfield Campus. Tickets are $7 and available at the door and online at

DTNT provides an opportunity for Sophomore- Seniors dancers (as well as select Freshmen) to choreograph their own dances and collaborate with their peers. The performance will include 8 original student works by Mulan Blum, Anna Caffarelli, Tori Edington, Elizabeth Johnson, Jenna Katlin, Katie Kelly, Ari Maalul, Ella Preston and Alli Sharifi.

We are also thrilled to present a one of a kind, original work by professional guest artist, Aaron Raheim White, created especially for 10 of our dancers. A Chicago native, he found dance at the age of 14 beginning his training in high school with Deidre M. Dawson (former member of Joseph Holmes Dance Theater) and soon intertwined with Pierre Locket of Forward Momentum Chicago.

He earned his Masters of Fine Arts Degree from New York University's Tisch School of the Arts and his Bachelors of Fine Arts Degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign both in Dance Performance and Choreography. He has had the privilege of presenting workshops and classes to a plethora national and international universities. He has also performed in Cuba, Taiwan, Hawaii, Washington D.C, New York and a host of other states.

During his time of graduate study, Aaron-Raheim discovered the healing power of Reiki via professor Renee Redding-Jones. Serendipitously, his path linked with Marilyn Vega, Reiki Master-Instructor and R.N, to further deepen his energetic studies and to become a Reiki Master-Instructor himself.

Aaron-Raheim is currently an ensemble member of Lucky Plush Productions, while maintaining his healing practice as the Creative Director of holistic health center, Lax Energy Worx, in Chicago's South Loop. Aaron-Raheim White desires to be a beacon of Light to support others, illuminate fears, and facilitate healing through Reiki, dance, meditation, and education

This year, Laura Deutsch and Johannah Wininsky (SHAPE America National Dance Teacher of the Year Award Recipient) share the artistic direction of the company and are extremely proud of the talent and artistry of this year's company of over 70 students.

The 2018 Dance Theater New Trier Company is: Jessi Alt, Mira Becker, Emily Beckmann, Hannah Bender, Nicole Blesi, Mulan Blum, Amy Boyle, Madeline Brown, Anna Caffarelli, José Chavez, Caroline Cody, Cat Cohen, Ellie Datome, Julia Damen, Caroline Davis, Lindsey Economies, Tori Edington, Ashley Erickson, Tatum Ewing, Sophia Feuerman, Lila Formica, Jacquelyn Garabedian, Allison Guenther, Ayanna Guillen, Evie Halston, Isabelle Hauser, Olivia Ho, Bridget Hogan, Dani Holstein, Isabella James, Millie James, Elizabeth Johnson, Yasmina Kacila, Carli Kanter, Brianna Karras, Stephanie Kascius, Jenna Katlin, Katie Kelly, Will Kerpan, Jenna Khalifeh, Jamie Kohr, Stella Kustra, Caroline Lockwood, Bella Leon, Alex Levin, Ari Maalul, Merryn McKeough, Amanda Neslund, Allison O'Bara, Tara O'Connor, Hitomi Ono, Emmie Osuna, Caroline Palasz, Robin Park, Sarosh Patel, Loiusa Perrin, Kara Philoon, Ella Preston, Natalie Ringel, Grace Robinson, Alli Sharifi, Meghan Smith, Eden Snower, Hannah Spinner, Hannah Stein, Joelle Stressler, Kara Struckman, Kayla Tinsley, Michelle Verlinsky, Dylan Walker, Emily Wang, Victoria Werth, Esther Xu, Sophia Zavattero, Erin Zielke