New Trier students awarded Seal of Biliteracy 2017, Commendation for first time


New Trier's Modern and Classical Languages Department is proud to award the Seal of Biliteracy to its first class of students this spring.

The Seal of Biliteracy is an award granted by the Illinois State Board of Education and given by New Trier High School in recognition and celebration of students who demonstrate a high level of proficiency in English and one or more other languages.

Students demonstrate their language proficiency by earning an English score of 21 or higher on the ACT or a score of 5.0 on the ACCESS exam. Students can show proficiency in another language earning a 4 or a 5 on the AP (Advanced Placement) language exam or by taking a state approved test, such as the AAPPL (Assessment of Performance toward Proficiency in Languages) exam and earning an Intermediate High or Advanced score.

Learning another language prepares students to be citizens of the global community by developing an awareness and appreciation of other cultures. The process of learning to comprehend and communicate in another language develops insight into the nature of language, as well as connections to other disciplines. The Seal of Biliteracy builds upon the rich linguistic and cultural assets of the district and community, providing students with the necessary skills to be successful in college, career and life.

The Modern and Classical Languages Department is pleased to recognize the following New Trier seniors who demonstrated proficiency in more than one language:

  • Chinese : Kuilin Li, Alan Qin, Louis Shaw, Miranda Sun, Kathryne Tao, Tony Xu, Jason Yang, Chelsea Ye, Ji Chang Zho
  • French : Nora Cahill, Sarah Caywood, Mae Cody, Sophie Coppieters 't Wallant, Grace Fagan, Paul Farcasanu, Sandra Guenther, Natalie Marsh, Lydia O'Connell, Katharine Phillips, Caroline Ross, Carlotta Smalla, Emma Staelens, James Teuber, Sofia Van der Perre, William Webb, Emily Wong, Cooper Woolford, Jason Yang
  • German : Cameron Cohen, Samuel Greene, Isabelle Haser, Alexis Holliday, Emily Jung, Sydney Koeplin, David Lee, Allison Phillips, Matthew Simons, Carlotta Smalla, Molly Zielke, Michael Zumme
  • Japanese : Michelle Cheng, Carolyn Henry, Kenji Nii
  • Latin : Joseph Akason, Adam Clemmitt, Ishaani Khatri, Sara Nicholas, Anne Pinkerton, Ari Salkin-Weiss, Alexander Schneidman, Benjamin Schwabe, Katie Shia
  • Spanish : YeSol An, Stefanie Arellano, Baker Callahan, Rachel Berkey, Avigail Bond, Francis Borys, Lucas Bravos, Michelle Buyer, Bridget Carmody, Nina Chatrath, Eric Chiu, Carlyn Chrabaszcz, Therese Cooney, Nora Crumley, Aaron Dembsky, Erica Diaz, Carly Duris, Jason Fox, Paul Geiger, Anna Maria Giannini, Nikolai Gjaja, Katherine Gjertsen, Julia Gottreich, Thomas Guidotti, Lucy Hauser, Elizabeth Henderson, Emma Hoholik, Katherine Holly, Luna Huertas-Erikson, Lauren Johnson, Clare Kennedy, Bridget Knudson, Steven Kochvar, Katherine Kolanko, Alexandra Leahy, Winston Levin, Hannah Levine-Drizin, Alisa Malehorn, Julia Matyjas, Molly McGowan, Rani Mehta, Katherine Melulis, Caroline Miller, Maxwell Minogue, Xochitl Mondragon, Megan Murdoch, Luis Navarro-Pashinian, Eleni Panomitros, Kate Pearce, Aaron Peltz, Mikaela Ritchie, Lauren Rohland, Amanda Shane, Jacob Shaw, Matthew Simons, Clara Somfelean, Genevieve Spencer, Joseph Suizzo, Sma Sunik, Owen Szafran, Jacqueline Thompson, David Tigerman, Emma Tomlinson,Samantha Urban, Emma Valdiserri, Sofia Van der Perre, Yelizaveta Vetyuhova, Annabel Walsh, Camryn Wilneff, Hannah Young, Marina Zambrano, Cameron Zwick

The department also honors seniors who earned the Illinois State Commendation toward Biliteracy. These students demonstrated intermediate proficiency in English and another language: Adam Alani, Ian Armstrong, Alessandro Ayala, Victoria Berman, Grace Bickford, Warren Blood, Henry Burt, Rachel Coffey, Sophie Coppieters 't Wallant, Dominic Dalla Valle, Audrey Davidson, Lucy Ellis, Katherine Fischer, Judith Fisher, Matthew Gao, Sarah Gediman, Sara Golden, Camille Graham, Charles Hansell, Duncan Holzhall, Margarite Jansen, Cara Keleher, Charles Keller, Courtney Ketchum, Reilly Kyle, Spencer Lavin, Seoho Lee, Alec Lestrud, Sophie Lieberman, James Lipsey, Eric Luu, Grace Nielson, Thomas Nugent, Ellie Pearlman, Anastasia Pellar, Adam Peterson, Julia Porta, Fahad Qureshi, Anne Ridder, Davis Ryan, Kelly Sohn, Catherine Spencer, Skyler Stern, Eva Sue, Madeleine Tung, Yelizaveta Vetyuhova, Ingrid Wefing, Peter Weiser, Walter West, Joshua Wrobel, Marina Zambrano, Nicholas Zeddies, and Kristy Zeng.

Seven students qualify for awards in multiple languages, including Sophie Coppieters 't Wallant (French and Japanese), Matthew Simons (German and Spanish), Carlotta Smalla (German and French), Sofia Van der Perre (French and Spanish), Yelizaveta Vetyuhova (Spanish and Russian), Jason Yang (Chinese and French), and Marina Zambrano (Spanish and French).

Both the students who earned the Seal of Biliteracy and the Commendation toward Biliteracy will have their achievement acknowledged on their diploma and transcripts.