Student Information System Request For Proposal

New Trier High School is now accepting proposals for a new student information system (SIS). The desired SIS shall have the ability to support core student management processes, offer a cutting-edge process and workflow management solution, offer a Special Education management solution to handle Special Education / Individual Education Plans (IEP, documentation, and compliance reporting, offer a point of sale solution for staff and student food services, and provide a data warehouse. The District currently relies on multiple systems, some of which are end-of-life, to complete these daily processes. Please refer to the attached Request For Proposal (RFP), Systems Map, and Technical/Functional Specifications spreadsheet. All proposals must be sealed and submitted by Monday, April 10, 2017 at 3:00PM C.S.T. The ultimate goal of this RFP is to consolidate the processes and systems listed on the Systems Map and the Technical/Functional Specifications spreadsheet into a single, integrated system. If you have any questions regarding the RFP or any of the supporting documents, please contact:

Stephanie Helfand, Chief Technology Officer -
Angel Villaluz, Director of Technology Services -
Jeff Bailey, Project Specialist -