How Does the the Mobile Learning Program Benefit You?

Our teachers and students have embraced the benefits the iPads offers in support teaching and learning. Some of these instructional benefits include:

  • Emphasis on visual learning and presentation with instant recording, editing, and integration of audio and video
  • Wide range of easy-to-use apps
  • Student access to the iPad in the classrooms of both pilot and non-pilot classes
  • Improved student organization and management of work and learning
  • Efficient and timely feedback from teacher to student
  • Improved classroom routines and efficiency

The district will continue to explore devices in search of technology that best serves the changing educational needs of our learning community. The iPad evaluation efforts are ongoing.

Classroom Efficiency and Routines

The teacher's shift to paperless has increased efficiency with students receiving assignments electronically, completing them on their iPad, submitting them them electronically, and receiving them back with feedback in a timely manner, grades are automatically entered in the teacher's grade book and viewable online. This streamlined process has led to an increase in homework completion rates, a reduction in time for providing feedback to students, and has allowed for both teachers and students to add audio or video notes to assignments.

Students might indicate unexpected results in a science lab, or a teacher could record a quick video explaining how a student made a mistake in a science calculation. Students and teachers report this type of feedback to be more meaningful and significant. Many teachers now also complete a cursory review of assignments and homework before class starts, so they can make adjustments on the fly for a concept the students may not have understood the previous day.

Teachers also indicate that iPads increase student preparation for class and a reduce the time students and teachers need to spend on organizational tasks. Teachers are able to cover more content, and explore topics on a deeper, more meaningful level.