Program Guidelines & Best Practices

It is important that students and families are familiar with the rules associated with using technology at New Trier. Students are governed under the rules and regulations covered in New Trier's Acceptable Use Regulations (AUR) found in the Student Guidebook (currently being updated for 2018-2019). In addition to the AUR, families should familiarize themselves with policies outlined in the New Trier Mobile Learning Program (MLP) Acknowledgement .

The Following Guidelines also apply:

  • You may purchase additional apps at your own expense. You will maintain ownership of the apps and media purchased with your personal Apple ID.
  • Internet filtering is provided at school, but not at home. Parents may choose to monitor internet usage or limit access to iPads off-campus.
  • Mobile device management (MDM) software and profiles may not be removed from the device.
  • It is expected that students will have a fully-charged iPad available each day for class.
  • Students may configure additional personal email accounts or messaging services on their iPad, but email and messaging content on the device is subject to the terms of the AUR while on campus.
  • "Jailbreaking" the device results in the loss of the Apple warranty and is a violation of the terms of use. Using a jailbroken device on the New Trier network is not allowed.

Best Practices

  • Transporting your iPad - Keyboard cases can be separated into two parts the iPad and the keyboard. Students should always re-attach these two components to ensure that the keyboard and the iPad are protected. This will greatly reduce the likelihood of iPad and/or keyboard damage.
  • Charging your iPad - Charge your iPad every night to prepare for the next day at school. Some students may find themselves using the iPad in every period and a full charge would be necessary. New Trier does not provide extra chargers or loaner iPads for students who forget their iPad or run out of battery.
  • Personal Content on the iPad - The student must be aware that there is no expectation of privacy on the iPad while on campus at New Trier. Content including documents, music, messages, emails, and photographs stored on the iPad could be accessed by authorized New Trier staff at any time.
  • Backing Up - The student is responsible for backing up all data on the iPad. Apple provides 5GB of iCloud storage space to backup the iPad. If more space is necessary, students can purchase more iCloud space from Apple or sync their iPad with iTunes on their personal computer. New Trier High School is not responsible for data loss in the event of a device failure or malfunction.

Caring for the iPad

Whether your family purchases an iPad from the District or brings their own device (BYOD), the student should care for the iPad as follows:

  • Only use a clean, soft cloth to clean the device's screen; don't use cleansers of any type.
  • Insert and remove charging cables carefully to prevent damage to connectors.
  • Handle the device carefully. Screens can crack when dropped, twisted or subjected to pressure from stepping or leaning on them. Do not stack other objects (books, binders, etc.) on top of the iPad. Be careful with carrying iPads in backpacks. The weight of other objects in a backpack is often enough to crack an iPad screen or warp the frame. AppleCare+ does not cover warped frames.
  • Do not leave the iPad in places of extreme temperature, humidity, or limited ventilation (e.g. in a car) for an extended period of time.
  • Students are expected to keep food and beverages away from the device.
  • Make sure the iPad and accessories are secure when they are in or out of sight. iPads should not be left it in an unlocked locker, a desk, a backpack, or other location where someone might take it. Do not leave iPads unsecured while charging in public places.
  • Students are required to secure their iPads with a Passcode. This protects their data from theft and loss.

Apple IDs

An Apple ID is an account used to access all of Apple's services. At New Trier, we use these accounts to download apps, backup data from the iPads, and track missing iPads. Your Apple ID is connected to an email address and may be used for personal purchases in addition to school purposes.

To create an Apple ID, go to and verify your new Apple ID through your email. Students who have a pre-existing Apple ID either personally or through a middle school/junior high, may continue to use this Apple ID as long as the email address is still valid. To update your email address, go to to learn more.

Tech Support

Students can receive tech assistance from 7:30-3:30 pm each school day at trevIT support locations - at Northfield in room A414 and at Winnetka in room W240 (located directly outside the library). Parent(s)/Guardian(s) and students can also email the iPad Help Line at .