Facility Rental Information

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The New Trier Township High School Board of Education believes that the School District's facilities have been constructed and are maintained primarily for the purpose of educating the students of the District.

When not in use for the purpose of education, the Board of Education believes it is in the public interest to make some of the District's facilities available to non-school organizations for the conduct of activities which are consistent with state statutes and the purposes of the District, that do not interfere with the regular operation of the District, and are of benefit to the District. School programs and activities will always have priority for use of District facilities over non-school organizations.

Any group, organization or individual interested in the rental of New Trier Township High School facilities is asked to read the following Conditions of Use prior to submitting an application. Facility use applications are accessible via the link at the bottom of this page. Paper copies may be requested by contacting Patt Schneider at 847-784-3409.


  1. An Application for the Rental of Facilities must be submitted and approved prior to any use. All applications must be in writing; verbal applications will not be accepted. Submission of an application does not indicate approval or consent for use of the facilities. The application must be completed and signed by an Authorized Representative of the Organization who is personally responsible for oversight of proposed event. The Board of Education, through New Trier Administration, shall determine suitability of proposed activity, availability of space, and group classification by outside groups and reserves the right to grant or reject any application submitted for use of the school District facilities.
  2. The Board of Education and New Trier Administration reserve the right to interrupt or cancel any contract for space should the facility be needed for educational use. In such an event, every effort will be made to provide temporary substitute space. A complete explanation and description of the activity shall be provided to New Trier Administration upon request. New Trier Administration reserves the right to determine the need for parking lot attendants, police, and custodial services and charge fees as necessary.
  3. Applications must include the legal name of the organization, official address of the organization, contact phone number for the requestor and email address. Applications that do not include a mailing address will not be processed. A Certificate of Insurance, paid fees and signed Contract are requirements for rental.
  4. Events with more than 200 attendees will have a minimum of two (2) New Trier Security Staff assigned to the event. Additional staff will be assigned by the Security Manager depending on event needs. The Security Manager will assess the event to determine if local police require notification.
  5. No outside bookings shall be approved until the school events calendar for that year has been established and publicly announced.
  6. New Trier Administration will review the Application, and if the District can accommodate the request, will issue a Contract for Use & Rental of Facilities, including an estimation of fees. The contract must be signed and returned to the Assistant Superintendent's office within ten (10) business days. The contract is not binding or in force until New Trier Administration has signed the contract. A fully executed contract will be returned immediately to the organization's Authorized Representative.
  7. A non-refundable $25.00 processing fee is to be included with the submittal of the signed contract. This fee will be returned if the District is unable to accommodate the Organization's request.
  8. 50% of the estimated fees are due no later than 10 business days after contract approval. If the deposit is not received within this timeframe, the Organization forfeits their right to the rental and the event will be cancelled. Any adjustments for additional time or cancellations will be calculated at the end of the event and a final bill or refund will be sent at that time.
  9. No refunds will be made for cancellation unless cancellation is made to the Assistant Superintendent in writing by the organization's authorized representative at least 48 hours in advance of the rental date. Athletic events taking place outside must contact the Athletic Office no later than the next day to specifically cancel the date in question.
  10. The Organization shall provide a Certificate of Insurance to the District, naming New Trier Township High School District 203 as the additional named insured in a general liability policy with an insurance company acceptable to the District. The insurance policy must include a minimum bodily injury liability limit of $1,000,000 for each occurrence and property damage liability of $1,000,000 for each occurrence. The policy must be an "Occurrence Made" insurance policy. The insurance carrier must have a Best's rating of A-6 or better. The Certificate of Insurance is to be submitted along with the signed contract prior to the Organization's event. A Certificate of Insurance in the amount of $1,000,000 Commercial General Liability, naming New Trier Township High School District 203 as an additional insured, must be furnished prior within 10 business days of contract approval.
  11. The District may, at any time, deny or refuse to grant any application or cancel, without liability, any Use/Rental Contract whenever the use, in the reasonable judgment of the Board, that presents or may present a clear and present danger to persons or property, or may be in violation of or contrary to applicable federal, state, or local law or ordinance.
  12. Applications are to be submitted on line via the New Trier website. Paper applications may be requested by contacting Patt Schneider, Assistant to the Assistant Superintendent at 847-784-3409 or schneidp@newtrier.k12.il.us .
  13. The Organization renting the facility shall be wholly responsible for the conduct of persons present and for damage, loss, disappearance or breakage of school property during the rental period.
  14. Commercial photography or filming is not allowed on any New Trier property.
  15. Smoking or the use of any tobacco products or electronic cigarettes, alcoholic beverages and gambling is prohibited in any New Trier facility. Weapons of any type, illegal drugs, drug paraphernalia is strictly prohibited in any New Trier facility.
  16. New Trier Township High School is to be listed only as the event site, not as a sponsor of any event. Any advertising of the event shall clearly indicate the sponsoring organization and their contact information.
  17. No electrical equipment shall be attached to existing circuits without prior approval from the New Trier Administration.
  18. Custodial cleanup is scheduled for all events with a minimum of two (2) hours. Large events will require additional custodial manpower. A walk through with the Physical Plan manager will be scheduled for large events.
  19. New Trier is committed to upholding Green Guidelines and ecological/sustainable practices whenever possible. We encourage all groups renting any New Trier facility to consider implementing the following practices:
    a. Purchase materials that can be consumed, reused, or recycled.
    b. Avoid using #6 plastic cups, as they are not recyclable. Consider purchasing #1-#5 and #7 plastics that are recyclable or paper products which are compostable and biodegradable.
    c. Avoid using Styrofoam cups which are not recyclable.
    d. Limit or avoid single-use plastic items, such as table cloths, glasses and plates. Consider substituting pitchers & individual glasses or using cloth table cloths.
    e. Utilize recycling bins provided by New Trier for high-grade paper and cardboard, empty plastic, aluminum cans, bottles and/or containers, removing any liquid or food residue.
    f. Suggest attendees to your event carpool.
    g. New Trier has adopted a no-idle policy for team buses and cars to cut down on exhaust.
  20. Dogs and other pets are not allowed on any District 203 property or playing surfaces (indoors or outdoors). Service animals providing assistance are allowed.


  1. An Auditorium Technician will be on duty at all times when outside organizations are using the facility. Stage lighting and sound equipment requires special handling. District personnel are required to operate this special equipment for all rentals, regardless of renter's previous experience with same or similar equipment. All associated staff costs or operations will be billed to the renter.
  2. The rental group must schedule a meeting with the Auditorium Supervisor prior to the use of theatres or auditoriums to ascertain the scope of the performance, lighting & sound expectations and staffing needs. This is an important part of the process to ensure the best possible outcome for the event.
  3. Auditorium personnel staffing begins one (1) hour prior to the start of any event to perform equipment safety checks. Auditorium personnel may work up to one (1) hour past the end of any event in order to properly shut down equipment and secure the theatre/auditorium.
  4. Clean-up time by New Trier custodial staff is a minimum of two (2) hours. Staffing of custodial staff is at the discretion of the Physical Plant manager.
  5. The piano in the Gaffney Auditorium is not to be moved by the rental group. Re-location of the piano must be discussed and pre-approved by the Auditorium Manager. The piano rental fee includes the cost of tuning.
  6. Food and drinks are not allowed in theatres or auditoriums.
  7. No open flame is to be used.
  8. Attaching or mounting items to the stage or physical structure is prohibited. Any tape markings are to be removed at the end of the performance.


  1. Organizations must furnish their own equipment such as basketballs, volleyballs, all protection gear, and other light equipment.
  2. In the event of damage to athletic fields or equipment, the repair/replacements costs will be billed to the renting organization.
  3. No refunds will be made for cancellation of field use due to weather or the cancellation of the team's practice unless the Athletic Office is notified no later than the next business day. Messages may be left at 847-784-7517.
  4. Any changes in a team's practice/game schedule or field use must be submitted in writing to the Athletic Office for approval in advance. Fields may be taken out of use for reasons not immediately visible.
  5. Use of the press box must be indicated at the time of application. The playing of music is prohibited.
  6. The concession stand is not available for use by outside groups. Outside groups may sell pre-packaged items only.
  7. Organizations renting swimming pools will staff lifeguards as per Illinois Department of Public Health guidelines.
  8. The Athletic Department will assign an athletic supervisor to supervise rental events starting one half hour prior to the start of the event and one half hour at the end of the event, as needed.
  9. Dogs and other pets are not allowed on any District 203 property or playing surfaces (indoors or outdoors).
  10. Bicycles, motorized vehicles, skateboards, rollerblades and other personal transportation items may damage or tear the playing surface and are prohibited.


  1. Water bottles and sports drinks may be used on the turf fields.
  2. Food of any type is not permitted on the field. Food scraps, sunflower seeds, etc. are difficult to remove.
  3. Fields and spectator areas are to be clear of all litter at the close of the event. Failure to clear trash will result in additional custodial hours.
  4. Goal placement needs are to be noted on the rental use applications. Goals are to be moved only by adults. Children are not to move goals.
  5. Safety regulations require the placement of appropriate weights on the rear crossbar of soccer goals. Placement and ongoing use of the weighted devices is the responsibility of the renter.
  6. Adhesive tape and line markings will damage the turf and are prohibited.


Seasonal Request Deadlines

A facility request must be submitted for each season by the assigned deadline. Requests received after the deadline will be considered after submitted applications have been processed. The facility assignments will be announced 30 days after the deadline.

Rental Season - Application Deadline
Fall (August-October) - June 1
Winter (November-February) - October 1
Spring (March-May) - January 1
Summer (June-July) - April 1

Schedule Changes

Additional rental requests after the initial application is approved, are subject to facility availability. Additional requests must be submitted in writing to the Athletic Department. The full rental fee for the additional rental must be paid prior to use for the additional request.

50% of the estimated fees are due no later than 10 business days after contract approval. If the deposit is not received within this time frame, the Organization forfeits their right to the rental and the event will be cancelled.


New Trier Administration will determine a requesting group's placement in one of the four fee groups. Organizations that are non-profit must provide a copy of their organization's IRS letter of 501 (c)(3) determination or their EIN (XX-XXXXXX).

Group A
Tax supported bodies within District 203 when their use of the facilities do not require admission or fees to participate or the event is not a fundraising event.

Non-profit community groups within District 203 when their use of the facilities do not require admission or fees to participate or the event is not a fundraising event

Group B
Tax supported bodies and non-profit community groups within District 203 when their use of the facilities includes admission or fees to participate or the event has fundraising its goal.

Non-Profit groups outside District 203 when their use of the facilities do not require admission or fees to participate or the event is not a fundraising event.

Group C
Non-Profit groups outside District 203 when their use of the facilities i ncludes admission or fees or the event has fundraising as its goal.

Youth athletic clubs & teams where participants pay fees to participate or dues or admission is charged for games or tournaments.

Group D
For-Profit business promoting their business or product

Sport recreational groups with participants 18 years and older.

2018-19 Facility Rental Rates
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