Course Topic Review


  • Characteristics of effective leaders? Which are most important?
  • What does it look and feel like?
  • Examples of who is a good leader/who is not a leader
  • "Laws of Leadership"
  • What role does risk play in leadership? In terms of athletic leaders on a team, what risks are necessary?

First couple of days:

Day 1 (Short day) - Short introduction of Staff and maybe even JKB students.

Day1 (Full day)

  • Brief introductions - What is SALT and what can you gain from this experience. (maybe even have JKB students speak to what a Leader ship class can teach you) Also speak about the importance of confidentiality (Safe environment)
  • Short game - Name game and/or Favorite Movie , food, role model, inspiring moment, theme song , etc…(Note card)
  • If times allows, maybe a short film (clips) on some of the topics they will be discussing .


  • Short film (clips) or another opening game (short game ex: impulse/ group juggle)
  • Characteristics of Leadership (+/- leadership) and which are most important?
  • (Maybe) What are outcomes of both on teams, individuals, other coaches, ect…
  • End with game that is listed above (impulse or group juggle)
  • JKB students spoke their experience.
  • Spoke about run to remember
  • Handed out work sheet (Interesting fact/Gains from this Leadership experience)


  • Short films (Leadership)
  • Start by asking a question. Let's get them thinking right away. Maybe even have a game to start to reinforce the importance of the question.
  • What are the different types of leadership styles? (Continuation form day two)(In Groups)
  • Examples of individuals who are good leaders and individuals who are not good leaders. What makes them good leaders and what makes them bad leaders? Also, what styles do these individuals posses?
  • Leadership talk day 2 (whatever that might be- Leadership Styles)(We need a bunch of examples! Pictures and stories of well know individuals)
  • Game (maybe have kids/groups act or portray a style and everyone needs to figure it out, I don't know just thinking)


  • Start with short game (Evolution) or continue with discussion from class session before.
  • Continue from day 3, which leadership style seems to be dominant on your team? Why do you think this is? Is this a good leadership style for you and your team?
  • Laws of leadership (Colin Powell's 13 Rules of Leadership)


Day5 (9/11, Thurs)

  • Discuss 13 Rules of Leadership (Which ones do you like or don't like)
  • Game (Impulse)
  • Discuss positive/negative Leaders in our society (Literary, past, present/ and in different fields)
  • Want to pull out different Leadership Styles (Extrovert/Introvert)

Day 6 (9/16, Tues)

  • Game (Turn-style)
  • Intro to Kersey Test (Explain and then hand out for homework)

Day 7 (9/18, Thurs)

  • Discussion on Kersey (Rogers?)
  • Scoring Kersey and what does it mean?

Day 8 (9/22, Tues)

  • Additional Debriefing on Kersey
  • Talk about Coaches and their coaching style (What do you think you respond best to?)

Day 9 (9/, 24Thurs)

  • Short Films (Leadership)
  • Discuss Leadership Styles (What are they, What do you know about each one, Use examples and have follow discussions)

OCT 21 - Randy comes and speaks to Salt Class