Thank you to everyone who auditioned for the Shipwrecked and the Directing Projects. Please check both cast lists as some students will be participating in both productions.

Directing Project students will be be contacted by Theatre 4 students beginning on Saturday to set up rehearsal schedules. Some actors might be cast in two projects and will be contacted by two directors. A full list of directors and cast members will be posted on this page Monday evening. 

If you aren't contacted by your director by 8pm on Tuesday, please email Ms Lynn so she can connect you with your director(s.)


Lucas Alcantara

Skylar Aronson

Grace Astolfi

Cammi Avery

Elijah Barker 

Annie Berlin

Maggie Blommee

Kylie Boyd

Benjamin Braganca

Jules Brown

Sara Bunge

Ethan Burfield

Aidan Cahill

Emily Colitte

Katherine Connolly

Lili Daskais

Erin Donohue

Isabel Dube

Anna Feinerman

Eloise Fosse

Kelly Foy

Sydney Gaines-Wheeler

Lucy Gale

Adina Grossman

Joseph Handelman

Olivia Hart

Ellie Hartman

Lydia Hartman

Josh Hoffman

Megan Hoying

Lily Ingram

Charlotte Jaffe

Lillian Jones

Will Kerpan

Vicka Khrabatyn

Katie Klaskin

Andrew Kline

Sydney Kunkler

Charlotte Lahti

Josh Lariosa

Jane Lombardo

Kathryn Madigan

Isabel Mangum

Carly Martin

James McColl

Lucy McDowell

Leigh Meyer

Ian Michelson

Rachel Miller

Nicki Montenegro

Phoebe Moy

John Nunemaker

Julie Oelerich

Kelly Olvany

Lidia Orta

Samantha Palomino

Mia Papoutsis

Emma Parks

Victor Pearlman

Louisa Perrin

Jake Rasof

Meagan Rittmanic

Isabelle Roberts

Graham Rodes

Amelia Roselli

Spencer Rosin

Alli Schwartz

Chris Sciortino

Rebecca Smith

Emi Sorano

Laura Stone

Ryan Struckman

Elle Terrado

Talia Thomas

Eliza Tilson

Grace Tobey

Samuel Ufford

Elias Wachtel

Keyler White

Meici Yang

Lauren Yousha

Lauren Zabors

Greta Zimmer

If you audition and don't get cast, No Questions Asked , New Trier's short form improv group welcomes new members. They meet on Wednesdays in W23 at Winnetka.  Stage Crew is a great way to get involved with the productions. All crews are open to anyone interested, and they are a LOT of fun - no prior experience is necessary. If you are interested in joining crew, please contact Mr. Ferguson . Also, the coaches from NT's Speech Team are ready to welcome new members. Contact Mr. Vinson . Looking ahead, auditions for the Spring Play are in March. 

If you have any questions about the Directing Projects process or schedule or concerns about the plays, please contact Ms. Lynn (12b Winnetka), 847/784-6888, . The student directors are not permitted to discuss any part of the audition or casting process with students who are not members of their class. Please respect the confidentiality and responsibility required in this process and avoid any perception of trying to influence or gain information from the directors, even as a joke. Ms. Lynn will be available to offer feedback on your audition and answer questions one week after the cast lists have been posted. Please contact her at for an appointment.