Lagniappe-Potpourri Opportunities

Lagniappe-Potpourri is New Trier's variety show. It features student created scenes, songs, and dances as well as student-designed sets, lights, and costumes. Students are supervised in all levels of production and decision-making including building, choreographing, composing, conducting, designing, directing, managing, performing, producing and writing. Lagniappe-Potpourri gives students the opportunity to experience leadership and continue to develop as student leaders and artists.

Lagniappe-Potpourri 2019-2020 Board Applicant Information
Revised February 27, 2019

We are getting ready to kick off another year of Lagniappe-Potpourri and we're excited that you're interested in participating!

Lagniappe-Potpourri 2019-2020 Board Application

LP 19-20 Calendar

LP Board Consent Form 19-20

Please read the information below carefully as you prepare your application. If you have any questions, please direct them to Ms. Lynn.

We have included information below about the calendar, the board responsibilities, and the specific tasks assigned to each mentored position.

After conversations with former LP company members, mentors, sponsors, and Performing Arts Division staff, we have agreed on the following guidelines regarding the structure for our next show.

  • We will continue the "mini cast" configuration. We will determine the number of mini casts as part of the board assignments. We will add Assistant Stage Manager positions to each mini cast. ASMs are not members of the Board.
  • We will increase the size of the cast with an interest in featuring students beyond the "triple threat." We will continue to support vocal part balance.
  • The "dance number" will not necessarily include the entire cast. We encourage several smaller featured dances throughout the show in place of one longer number.
  • As it was this past year, the band will be featured at the beginning of the show as a kind of overture.
  • The entire performance company will perform at least two songs together. These songs could include a dance break as well as solos and/or small vocal ensembles.
  • The running time of the show will be approximately 90 minutes and will not include an intermission.
  • Sketches, songs, and dances will not exceed 5 minutes each.
  • All publicity materials will include the official LP logo. Once it's developed, the show logo will be the primary focus. The title of the show will not include the year but the year will be featured in the LP logo.
  • Rehearsals will begin on August 12. The final performance will be September 20 at 4:30pm. Strike will end by September 27.
  • We encourage students to expand the track jacket tradition to include all company members and that they not be personalized to specific positions. Consider delineating by groups such as "board," "crew," "band," and "cast", by individual name, by school year, or moving to a "letter jacket" idea.
  • Curtain call will include crew and board and will not include announcements.

All potential board members are encouraged to attend the writing workshops and continue to participate in the production even if they are not selected for the board. We believe that there are multiple opportunities to learn and lead that don't include a title.

Lagniappe-Potpourri Student Board Responsibilities and Tasks 2019-2020

Lagniappe-Potpourri board members must demonstrate excellent organizational skills, be able to collaborate and lead, and foster focus and enthusiasm among the company. They also take on the heightened responsibilities and expectations as leaders within the Performing Arts Division.

Each student leader will establish a weekly meeting with their mentor in their assigned area of leadership. Mentors and sponsors will support student leaders in goal setting, task creation, deadline management, ordering of supplies, and expectation setting for student work groups. Specific tasks include:

  • Create a timeline for specific tasks and projects that correspond with production deadlines
  • Articulate goals for how and when students will participate
  • Facilitate collaboration and discussion among students
  • Attend student leadership board meetings
  • Assemble, curate, or edit student submissions or contributions

Mentors also work with student leaders to develop their individual leadership skills. Mentors attend student work group meetings and observe the student leader and give feedback about once a week. Mentors may also attend rehearsals and/or critical work group meetings (i.e., costume parade, sitz probe, technical rehearsals etc.) in order to assist student leaders in achieving specific goals related to the creative and production process.

Working with the sponsors and mentors, student leaders have vast and varied responsibilities within Lagniappe-Potpourri. Many of the tasks need to be completed during summer vacation. Read the production calendar carefully before applying for the Board. We anticipate some clarifications and adjustments to this information as we gather student feedback.


  • Management Team facilitates collaboration and communication for the entire company and interacts with other parts of the school and larger community.
  • Content Team is responsible for creating the content of the show
  • Design Team is responsible for designing the technical environments that support the content of the show
  • Production Team is responsible for implementing the creative and design teams' visions through the build and rehearsal period.
  • Performance Team is responsible for delivering combined work of the other teams to a live audience.



The Choreographer coordinates the dance elements of Lagniappe Potpourri.

  • Participate in the creation of an audition dance
  • Teach and evaluate the audition dance at the auditions
  • Participate in the audition and casting process
  • Develop and choreograph songs and dance numbers as assigned
  • Teach and rehearse dance numbers

Composing Coordinator(s)/Lead Composer

The Composer coordinates the writing for the musical elements of the production.

  • Facilitate music staff meetings
  • Curate and edit all musical numbers
  • Present musical numbers to the board
  • Observe the audition process
  • Work with the composition mentor throughout the summer to finalize and approve all music (piano/vocal score, full score, and pit parts)


The Conductor coordinates instrumental participation within the production.

  • Create a fair process for selecting musicians
  • Create band contact sheet
  • Lead band/orchestra rehearsals during regular Lagniappe-Potpourri rehearsal times.
  • Attend music staff meetings as needed
  • Set in the pit
  • Work with Sound Designer to create an effective monitor system for the pit
  • Coordinates sitz probe with the Vocal Director
  • Conduct during dress rehearsals and performances

Costume Designer(s)

Coordinates the clothing and specialty garments for the production.

  • Plan and design the costumes for the show, including featured dance numbers, during the summer
  • Facilitate costume crew sessions (pulling, purchasing, fitting, building, etc.)
  • Coordinate the purchase of the necessary materials to make the costumes
  • Organize the costume rooms for costume parades, rehearsals, and performances
  • Coordinate quick changes


Coordinates the staging for the production.

  • Participate in the creation of the audition packet
  • Participate in the audition and casting process
  • Stage and block the show
  • Run scene rehearsals

Lighting Designer

Creates the physical environment of the play.

  • Design the light plot during the summer
  • Work with the master electrician to organize the lighting room
  • Work with the master electrician to facilitate lights hang and focus
  • Write individual cues into the light board


The Producers manage the operations of the company and hold final decision-making authority within the parameters of the student board.

  • Facilitate company meetings with appropriate stakeholders
  • Coordinate communication for the length of the project
  • Coordinate creation of marketing materials (logos, posters, shirts, press releases, etc.)
  • Supervise the recording of board meeting minutes
  • Liaison between the company and the community
  • Coordinate calendar and production schedules

Props Master(s)

Coordinates the hand props and furniture needed for the production.

  • Design, build, and/or collect all the props and furniture needed for the show
  • Make props list of what is needed in each scene
  • Facilitate the set-up of the prop table
  • Run props during the performances

Scenic Designer

Coordinates the physical environment of the play.

  • Make specific written ground plans, elevations, and technical drawings for each part of the set during the summer and present them to the Board and Production Staff
  • Assist the Technical Director in organizing and running the stage crew
  • May work with the Producers to develop a logo for the program, poster, and other publicity materials

Sound Designer

Coordinates the sonic environment of the play with application and sound effects.

  • Design the microphone plot for the cast
  • Design the microphone and monitor set-up for the band
  • Design and create the sound cues

Technical Director

The Technical Director brings designs to life.

  • Interpret and create technical drawings of the set from the scenic designer
  • Coordinate the build schedule
  • Maintain the drop and scene shop
  • Coordinate training of crew members
  • Coordinate set-in with the Lighting and Sound Designers
  • Ensure that work gets done in a timely manner and that all safety regulations are followed.

Stage Manager

The Stage Manager provide practical and organizational support to the production.

  • Schedule and run rehearsals
  • Facilitate communication between the directors/choreographers and designers/technicians
  • Call cues during performance
  • Leads the production during performances

Vocal Director(s)

The Vocal Director coordinates the vocal music elements of the production.

  • Participate in the creation of the audition packet
  • Work with the sponsors and board to secure a rehearsal Accompanist
  • Coordinate rehearsals with the Accompanist or be able to accompany
  • Participate in the audition and casting process
  • Lead vocal rehearsals
  • Run musical numbers
  • Work with Sound Designer to create the mic plot
  • Coordinate sitz probe with the Conductor

Writing Coordinator(s)/Lead Writer

The Writer coordinates the writing for the text elements of the production.

  • Facilitate sketch writing staff meetings
  • Present sketches to the board
  • Curate and edit all scenes throughout the production process
  • Observe the audition process


Assistants support the work of the production by adding expertise, skills, and strategic thinking to the process through their assigned area. Generally, assistants are not members of the board.

Other Leadership

Some leadership positions like Master Electrician and Dance Captain will be assigned once the rehearsal and build process has begun. These individuals support the work of the production by adding expertise, skills, and strategic thinking to the process through their assigned area. Generally, these leaders are not members of the board.

Lagniappe-Potpourri company members include the cast, band, costume crew, management staff and stage crew. Information on participating in the following opportunities is coming soon!

Audition Information
Management Staff
Stage Crew