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New Trier High School presents Page to Stage on January 16 & 17 at 7:00pm in the Northfield theatre classroom (E221).

This is the Media, Speech and Theatre Department's 18th year of presenting the Freshman Play. Each Theatre 1: Theatre Workshop Class has worked with their theatre teacher to bring classic comedies to life as a unique ensemble.

This year our one act productions include: "Fools" (a comic fable by Neil Simon set in a small Ukrainian village), the Lewis Carroll's classic, "Alice in Wonderland" and The Revenge of Lard Butt Hogan Adapted from The Revenge of Lard Ass Hogan, by Gordan Lachance, originally published in Cavalier magazine in March 1975.

"Each play has allowed our Freshmen Theatre students to be immersed in the experience of putting on a production from start to finish. The time spent in class blocking scenes, memorizing lines and incorporating props, costumes, lighting and sound is all preparation for their future work as student actors in our Theatre classes and extra-curricular productions." says instructor Anne James-Noonan.

In lieu of tickets, patrons are encouraged to make a donation at the door to the Media, Speech and Theatre Department's Michael Routenberg Memorial Scholarship .

  • Fools By Neil Simon
  • Alice in Wonderland By Lewis Carroll, adapted by Emily Schwartz. (This play was commissioned by New Trier, thanks to a grant from the New Trier Fine Arts Association.)
  • The Revenge of Lard Butt Hogan Adapted from The Revenge of Lard Ass Hogan, by Gordan Lachance


  • Wednesday, January 16
    Fools: Anneli Alfredeen, Caleb Broadhurst, Amelia Capretta, Natalie Circolone, Lily Goldstein, Isabel Hajjar, Skye Jordan, Annie Lewis, Victor Pascucci, Will Stevens, Brooklyn Tracy
    Alice in Wonderland: Tristan Caras, Lola Eiserman, Alex Felicione, Lilly Gilbert, Naomi Kravitz, Daphne Lien, Jake Moskow, Sammi Obel, Alicia Pearson, Laini Sharifi, Elizabeth Stone, Sloane Walker, Jameson Weyhrich, Ellie Zarch
    Lard Butt Hogan: Rebecca Dubey, Lucas Feller, Izzy Fischer, Bella Friedman, Robert Gosser, Ethan Hoffman, Meeghan Jakob, Albert Lu, Owen Merrill, Anna Meyer, Elizabeth Payne, Ericka Pugliese, Madeline Sheedy, Harold Stricklin
  • Thursday, January 17
    Fools: Jolie Armstrong, Max Benecke, Lucie Cohen, Mandy Rose Descorbeth, Sage Harper, Mary Huber, Reed Jaberg, Jade Rashid, Rachel Rivera, Zoe Stein
    Alice in Wonderland: Alberto Alverez, Katia Borkovskaya, Catherine Boyle, Kate Frohling, Sophie Hamill, Roxie Harris, Bobby Johnson, Abbey Konosky, Jack Malmed, Eddie Nayman, Trenton Rothbard, Lily Schwartz, Grace Traxler
    Lard Butt Hogan: Katy Blasko, Zoe Conlon, Lucas Feller, Josh Grossman, Ethan Hoffman, Isabel Hernandez ,Zoe Malmed, Maddie McGregor, Anna Meyer, Sarah Olson, Shayan Ramchandran, Brandon Rios, Abby Stoeber, Emily Walton


  • Anne James-Noonan, Nina Lynn - Directors
  • Denise Karczewski - Designer/Technician
  • Andrew Clark - Sound Designer
  • Sue Romanelli - Costumer and Props