Class of 2020

Greetings from the NTPA Class of 2020 Board!

Parent-student meetings with Post-High School Counseling (PHSC) start in February and signal the beginning of your student taking a more independent role in defining their ideas and aspirations for the future. At the November parent-only meetings with PHSC, parents received a binder for their student; if you were not able to attend, you or your student can pick up your binder in the PHSC office.

In December, parents will call to schedule the initial family appointment with their student's counselor. These appointments will take place beginning in January and will continue through the spring. More details can be found on the pink flyer in the binder. The flyer also appears on this webpage, under the heading PHSC Junior Information (titled Initial Appointment Brochure ).

Please note the following assigned dates and times (by adviser) to call and schedule these appointments. The number to call is 847-784-2234 or 847-784-2233. If you miss your day, please call as soon as you can. Appointments last for 40 minutes.

  • If your junior's daily adviser is Ms. Baliukaite, Mr. Howe, Ms. Kirsch, Mr. Mersch, or Mr. Tadelman-call on Monday,December 10 from 8 am-noon for Ms. Cervantes
  • If your junior's daily adviser is Ms. Garton, Ms. Kelsh, Mr. Koulentes, Ms. Lombardi, or Mr. Napoleon-call on Monday,December 10 from noon-3 pm for Mr. Conroy
  • If your junior's daily adviser is Ms. Burns, Mr. Hall, Mr. Loris, Ms. Serpa/Mr. Catania, Mr. Sollie, or Ms. Taylor-call on Tuesday,December 11 from 8 am-noon for Ms. Donley
  • If your junior's daily adviser is Mr. Kimball, Ms. Olsen, Mr. Riley, Mr. Sloan, or Ms. Torkelson-call on Tuesday,December 11 from noon-3 pm for Mr. O'Connor
  • If your junior's daily adviser is Ms. Cristofani, Mr. Gomberg, Mr. Jeziorski, Mr. Licata, Ms. Malia, or Ms. K. Parks-call on Wednesday,December 12 from 8 am-noon for Mr. Rogan
  • If your junior's daily adviser is Mr. O'Donovan, Mr. Jackson, Ms. Pothast, Ms. Smith, or Mr. Yang-call on Wednesday,December 12 from noon-3 pm for Mr. Shorrock
  • If your junior's daily adviser is Ms. Chao, Ms. O'Kain, Ms. W. Parks, Mr. Silvers, or Mr. Woodruff-call on Thursday,December 13 from 8 am-noon for Ms. Stauder
  • If the daily adviser is Mr. Calmes, Mr. Colegrove, Ms. Kamen, Mr. Kansler, or Ms. Simons-call on Thursday,December 13 from noon-3 pm for Mr. Zigmund

    Later in the year, the NTPA will present College Admissions 101 on Tuesday, February 26 at 7:00 pm.

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    Grateful for your participation in our parent community,
    Ami Campbell and  Sally Pofcher


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