Third grade class from Greeley Elementary takes on Constitution Unit with New Trier IGSS juniors

Greeley Elementary

Over the past few weeks, New Trier High School's Integrated Global Studies School (IGSS) students teamed up with a third grade class from Winnetka's Greeley Elementary School to learn about the U.S. Constitution together.

"The project began as a way to make the required Constitution unit more engaging for our students, especially as we talked about what it means to actually deeply learn something versus learning something for a test," IGSS teacher Lindsay Arado said. "Our hope was that having our students learn the concepts and be able to teach them to third graders would help solidify their learning and understanding."

Junior IGSS students began visiting Greeley Elementary on Feb. 26, where they introduced themselves and broke up into small groups with Stephanie Conran's third grade class. Each group focused on a different facet of the U.S. Constitution, and throughout multiple visits, the groups wrote songs and created music videos about their respective topics, such as branches of the government, voting, and the powers of Congress.

Senior IGSS students made props, filmed, and edited the music videos, which included "Powers of the President" sung to the tune of "Shake It Off" by Taylor Swift, and "The Bill of Rights" sung to the tune of "Y.M.C.A." by the Village People.

On Friday, March 9, IGSS hosted a "world premiere" event in their classroom, where they greeted their third grade friends with a red carpet, treats, and a swarm of "paparazzi" at the entrance. The students then spent the afternoon watching the music videos they made and reminiscing on their past few weeks together.