New Trier students fundraise to replace Texas high school’s mascot ruined by Hurricane Harvey


A Houston high school that sustained over $60 million in damages from Hurricane Harvey this summer is getting a new mascot costume, thanks to the fundraising efforts of New Trier High School students.

New Trier students raised over $1,500 to replace Kingwood High School's ruined Mustang mascot. Kingwood was hit hard when flood waters from the San Jacinto River breached its banks, displacing 2,782 students who now attend school on a split schedule at Summer Creek High School 13 miles away.

As the long road to recovery began in early September, it became clear that Kingwood's mascot replacement was not going to be funded in the foreseeable future, as other expenses took a higher priority. Kingwood's student council listed the mascot as a top item that they wanted replaced.

New Trier's Tri-Ship Club, Girls Club, Pep Club and Athletic Department spent two months fundraising for the mascot.

"We have been truly touched by the heartfelt efforts of schools across the nation that have reached out to us," David Knight, Student Council Advisor at Kingwood High School, wrote in an email to New Trier High School. "Some have collected money, and some have sent cards from their students. All have been greatly appreciated."

Despite initial concerns that the school would not reopen for quite some time, Humble ISD Superintendent Elizabeth Fagen announced in late November that the district has a goal to open the academic wing of the campus on or before March 19, 2018. In the meantime, New Trier students, staff and faculty are happy to help Kingwood with their transition back to normalcy.

"After watching the devastation of Hurricane Harvey, many of our students wanted to continue their commitment to service and lend a helping hand to those who were affected across the country," said Dan Gross, Student Activities Coordinator at New Trier's Northfield Campus. "As a high school, we understand the familiarity and morale a school mascot can provide, and we wanted to help Kingwood High School in restoring the traditions they value the most."

New Trier will present a $1,570 check to Kingwood's Education Foundation later this month to facilitate the purchase of the new mascot.