Northfield Dance Ensemble to showcase New Trier student choreography Jan. 27


New Trier High School's Northfield Dance Ensemble, an 80-person troupe, will take center stage Jan. 27 to perform a mix of dance styles and student choreography.

The show, which has been in rehearsals since October, will begin at 7:30 p.m. in the Cornog Auditorium at New Trier's Northfield Campus, 7 Happ Road. Tickets are $5 and New Trier students are free with a student ID.

"The show follows the same format each year, but what we love about it is that it's the only dance experience offered to all four years and any level dancer," Northfield Dance Ensemble sponsor Lucy Riner said. "It's a unique opportunity to meet dancers on each campus and work with students who have a variety of different levels of dance experience."

Dances will be performed to a variety to different genres of music, ranging from hip-hop and pop to folk and alternative.

Featured choreographers include: Brenda Sifuentes, Hadley Bushonville, Hannah Levine-Drizin, Sydney Koeplin and Kayla Kajita. All the choreographers are seniors and Northfield Dance Ensemble leaders.

The ensemble includes: Sydney Ackerman, Mira Becker, Izzy Becker-Bogan, Emily Beckmann, Hannah Bender, Annie Berlin, Madeleine Blumen, Jillian Bock, Anna Boennelykke, Julia Braham, Hadley Bushonville, Celeste Carsello, Genesis Chase, Allison Cherro, Younha Choi, Sophie Cook, Natasha Cornelius, Manon Cuenot, Juliana Cui, Emily Curylo, Caroline Davis, Jenna Dike, Bridget Dunn, Emilee Dziersk, Sophie Earvolino, Lindsey Economos, Lindsey Feeley, Katie Ford, Jacquelyn Garabedian, Maddie Geiger, Adina Grossman, Allison Guenther, Olivia Hauser, Lilly Jaffe, Isabella James, Millie James, Meg Jansen, Julia Jezykowski, Stephanie Kacius, Kayla Kajita, Jessica Kamen, Carli Kanter, Eleanor Kaplan, Isba Keshwani, Jenna Khalifeh, Sydney Koeplin, Stella Kustra, Misbah Lalani, Annie Lee, Grace Lee, Bella Leon, Hannah Levine-Drizin, Antonina Lorig, Caroline Lyons, Mo McNerney, Amanda Neslund, Tara O'Connor, Hitomi Ono, Cavan Pellegrino, Annie Pinkerton, Lily Rasof, Isabella Rechtin, Cassidy Rescorl, Natalie Ringel, Audrey Ritchie, Lauren Russell, Isis Seppelfrick, Yael Shaw, Brenda Sifuentes, Chloe Solon, Lauren Spillane, Hannah Spinner, Jacqueline Steel, Kara Struckman, Kayla Tinsley, Annie Tobey, Isabelle Vratimos, Lauryn Williams, Abby Wilson, Rachel Witt, Hannah Witzel, Tianyuan Wu, Esther Xu and Sophia Zavattero.

Staff ensemble sponsors are Lucy Riner, Laura Deutsch and Katie Kritek. For more information, email .