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Mobile Learning Program FAQ

Using an iPad at New Trier


How do I best care for the iPad?

Whether your family purchases an iPad from the District, is approved for an iPad loan, or brings their own device, the student should care for the iPad as follows:

  • Only use a clean, soft cloth to clean the device's screen; don't use cleansers of any type. Microfiber cloth is best.
  • Insert and remove charging cables carefully to prevent damage to connectors.
  • Handle the device carefully. Screens can crack when dropped, twisted or subjected to pressure from stepping or leaning on them. Do not stack other objects (books, binders, etc.) on top of the iPad. Be careful with carrying iPads in backpacks. The weight of other objects in a backpack is often enough to crack an iPad screen or warp the frame. AppleCare+ does not cover warped frames .
  • Do not leave the iPad in places of extreme temperature, humidity, or limited ventilation (e.g., in a car) for an extended period of time.
  • Students are expected to keep food and beverages away from the device.
  • Make sure the iPad and accessories are secure when they are in or out of sight. iPads should not be left in an unlocked locker, a desk, a backpack, or other location where someone might take it. Do not leave iPads unsecured while charging in public places.
  • Students should secure their iPads with a Passcode. This protects their data from theft and loss.
  • Do not remove or damage the iPad's asset tag.
  • Always keep your iPad in a case.

Parent Rights

My student is using their iPad at all hours of the night, is there a way to automatically lock them out of non-academic apps or shut off the iPad?

While New Trier requires students to have iPads at school, there is no directive about using iPads at home. Parents may do anything they deem fit to manage their student's use of the iPad while outside the district that does not interfere with New Trier's management of the iPad. Apple does not provide parental controls that will automatically or remotely control the iPad; however, there are options of managing an iPad under restrictions or family sharing . For more information on teenagers' use of the iPad, click here .

My student spends most of their time gaming or watching movies on their iPad, can I restrict how they use their iPads at home?

While New Trier requires students to have iPads at school, there is no directive about using iPads at home. Parents may do anything they deem fit to manage their student's use of the iPad while outside the district that does not interfere with New Trier's management of the iPad. Apple does provide some restrictions for parents; however, many of these restrictions are designed for younger children and may interfere with a student's ability to use the iPad at school.

Does New Trier filter the internet at school or at home?

In accordance with the law, New Trier provides web filtration on all devices that connect to our network. We are unable to restrict devices connected to cell coverage although school regulations state that students must access the internet through New Trier while on the campus. Once students are at home, iPads connect to the internet through home Wi-Fi on your personal network. For more information on how to restrict access at home, please contact your Wi-Fi provider.


How to I purchase eBooks?

Some eBooks are purchased through the New Trier bookstore (Follett) at the same time as traditional textbook purchases. Instructions for redeeming your eBook are provided by your teacher, so students are instructed to NOT redeem eBook access codes until they receive specific instructions from their teachers during the first few days of school. Additionally, students should NOT break any seal associated with eBook access code envelopes they receive from the New Trier bookstore.

What eBook does my student need?

The code given to my student for his/her eBook does not work. What should I do?

Please have your student return to the New Trier bookstore with their original code and they will be provided with a replacement code.

Why are eBooks used instead of textbooks?

EBooks provide many benefits. They are lighter-weight, provide multimedia interactivity, offer note-taking tools, sharing notes, search features, and more. Teachers adhere to a thoughtful textbook/eBook evaluation process to ensure that the content and the format are ideal for enhancing the learning experience. Additionally, eBooks can translate into significant cost savings for families. For more information about eBooks at New Trier, click HERE .

History of the MLP Program

How long has New Trier been 1:1 (one to one) with mobile learning devices?

New Trier's Mobile Learning Program began as a small pilot in 2010-2011. In the 2012-2013 school year, a limited number of teachers and students piloted the use of iPads 1:1 (15% of students). In the 2013-2014, the iPad 1:1 pilot was expanded to include 50% of our student population in select classes. In the 2014-2015 school year, New Trier became a full 1:1 iPad school, an iPad for every student. You can learn more about the Mobile Learning Program here .

Why is every student required to have an iPad? Can't students learn just as well without technology?

While technology is used to different degrees in each classroom, we have guaranteed teachers that, at a minimum, students will have an iPad to support curricular learning goals. This allows teachers to plan for lessons in the same way that requiring all students to have a pen and paper would. iPads also ensure students access to our learning management system, the internet, classroom resources, and multimedia apps in every classroom.

Why were iPads chosen as the 1:1 device? Are these reasons still valid? Are other devices being considered for the future of the MLP?

Each year, the technology department works with staff and students to evaluate the Mobile Learning Program in order to assure that the best resources are chosen to achieve learning goals. You can read the 2015-2016 MLP Board Report here or watch the Report presented to the Board here . We take into account how teachers are asking their students to use the device as well as how the device can help support learning in the classroom. We then determine how device management will affect how useful the tool will be in the classroom. Finally, we take into account the cost to purchase or lease devices for students in order to make the program as affordable as possible. While we feel iPads are the best option at the present time, we continue to evaluate other devices including Macbook Pros, Surface Pros, Chromebooks, and iPad Pros. Any new device would be thoroughly vetted, and changes would have to go through a committee that included input from all stakeholders - students, teachers, administration, department leadership, and parents/guardians.

How iPads are Used at NT

My student went to school without a fully charged iPad, is there a place they can charge it during the day?

No, New Trier does not have charging stations. Both campuses, however, do have public locations for students to plug in their own chargers. If students are having trouble maintaining their battery levels, they may purchase a portable charger or should look into battery saving techniques such as limiting the non-educational use of the iPad during the school day.

How are iPads used in classrooms at New Trier?

iPads are used in various ways at New Trier. For examples, follow this link .

Acceptable Devices, Accessories, and Purchasing

Purchasing Program

How much is the subsidy provided to families when purchasing an iPad?

Families are eligible for a one-time subsidy per student. Families that must purchase more than one iPad in the same academic year (moving into the district with multiple students or families with multiples) will receive a $50 refund per student/device.

Is there a discount for purchasing more than one iPad at the same time (multiple students enrolled)?

Yes, you will be mailed a refund of $50 per iPad issued after the start of the school year. If you have not received your refund, please contact the business office by calling (847) 784-2660 or through email at .

Why can I only purchase one iPad through the school?

Due to the subsidy provided on each iPad, we are unable to provide more than one iPad per student.

My student is starting at New Trier mid-year, how do we acquire an iPad from New Trier?

Please email for information about mid-year transfers. The process is basically the same except you will have a personal orientation instead of a group orientation. iPad model choices may be limited for anyone who purchases an iPad outside the Spring purchase window.

I didn't purchase an iPad at the beginning of the school year and now I would like to. Can I do that?

You may purchase an iPad within the purchase window, which is usually mid-April through mid-June. Once this window closes, only new students to the district may still purchase devices. Once that window opens again, you will be able to purchase an iPad through the school. Keep in mind that there will be limited choice on iPad model.

What is the purchase window for the 2017-2018 school year?

iPads will be available for purchase April 14, 2017 for the 2017-2018 school year. The cut-off date for choosing an iPad model is May 12, 2017 for summer school students and June 14, 2017 for all other students. Families will not have the option of choosing their iPad model after the deadline.

I already purchased an iPad through New Trier, but need to purchase another one. Can I do that?

You may only purchase one iPad per student through New Trier over the course of the student's academic career at NTHS.

I cannot afford to purchase and iPad for my student at this time, is there a way to still obtain an iPad at a free/reduced rate or spread the payments out over time?

All students receive a subsidy toward the purchase of an iPad and case provided by the district.

If you believe that you qualify for Financial Assistance, please contact the office of the Director of Student Life (847) 784-2263 after June 1st. Once you are approved and enrolled in the Financial Assistance Program, we will be able to loan your student an iPad at no cost for as long as you qualify for the program.

If you do not qualify for Financial Assistance, you may still spread payments out over four equal installments as a means of making the iPad purchase more affordable. Please email Myron Spiwak at to set up a payment plan.

Program Rules

I purchased an iPad for my student, but now we are moving out of the district. Can I sell the iPad back?

iPads that were purchased through New Trier to students who will NOT be attending New Trier must be returned by the first day of school. A full refund will be issued to the credit card used to make the initial purchase. Contact the iPad Help Line for information about returning an iPad by mailing .

Students who transfer out of the district mid-year may not sell their iPad back to the district, but must contact the iPad Helpline ( ) to have New Trier's management profiles removed from the iPad. It is important that this is done before the student leaves New Trier, because it is much more difficult to remove these profiles remotely.

Purchase Options

My student is trying to decide between New Trier and another high school. What is my last date to purchase an iPad and sign up for orientations?

If you are not sure if you will be attending New Trier in the fall, you have two options: (1) Purchase an iPad now and possibly return it for a full refund, or (2) Wait to purchase an iPad and potentially miss out on the iPad model choice and preferred iPad training days and times. The cut-off date for choosing an iPad model is May 12, 2017 for summer school students and June 14, 2017 for all other students. Families will not have the option of choosing their iPad model after the deadline. You may return an iPad if you decide to not attend New Trier; however, your iPad must be in perfect condition to receive the whole refund.

iPad Loan Programs

How do I know if I qualify for an iPad loan?

If you qualify for financial assistance from the district, you will be provided with a loaned iPad at no cost once your enrollment in the Financial Assistance Program is finalized. Qualification for district financial assistance, including the free lunch program, is based on household income and the guidelines set forth by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Is there a loan, lease-to-own, rental, or other programs I can use instead of purchasing an iPad?

At this point, almost all iPads used at New Trier are student-owned. The only exceptions are for students who qualify for Financial Assistance, exchange students, and students with an iPad included on their IEP requirements.

BYOD Program

What if I already have my own iPad; can I use it instead of the New Trier-purchased iPad?

Yes, however it must meet the requirements of a BYOD iPad.

What are the requirements for a BYOD (Bring your own device) iPad?

iPads must be a generation 4 or higher, full size (no iPad Minis due to online state required exam rules), and must have at least 15GB of storage free for curricular content. BYOD iPads must be able to run the most current iOS. For more information on BYOD iPads, follow this link .

Can I bring a device other than an iPad to school?

Yes. New Trier does not restrict students from using devices other than iPads, however we are not obliged to support personal devices other than the New Trier recommended iPads. Students are required to also have their iPad with them; some activities that teachers assign may only be available on the iPad. In addition, New Trier will not purchase apps on devices other than iPads and will not help maintain non-school devices. Teachers also reserve the right to restrict the use of devices in their own classrooms. Please refer to the AUR for more information on the use of personal mobile devices.

I purchased an iPad from my student's middle school/ junior high. Can it be used at New Trier?

Yes. These iPads are considered BYOD iPads and may be used at New Trier as long as they meet minimum requirements . Students must still attend an iPad orientation over the summer, but do not have to purchase a new iPad.

Acceptable Accessories

I don't like the keyboard case that came with the iPad. Do I have to use it? Can I use a different case or no case?

We highly suggest that you use a case on your iPad to provide some protection against breakage. We do not require a specific case and students are welcome to purchase a different case for their iPads at any time. Many teachers request that their students have a keyboard for their iPads, but this is up to individual teachers. Before purchasing a new case for your iPad that does not include a keyboard, check with your student's teachers to assure that a keyboard is not a requirement of any of their classes. Keep in mind that New Trier is not able to deduct the cost of the district-recommended case should your family decide on a different case.

I lost/broke the charger to my iPad, how do I get another one?

Under the terms of AppleCare+, broken chargers (bricks and cables) are covered for replacement. Please go to an Apple Store to obtain a replacement; New Trier does not have extra chargers on hand. This does not include lost/stolen chargers which must be replaced by students at their own expense.

Does New Trier provide/sell styluses or Apple Pencils?

No. For students who find it easier to write on an iPad with a stylus or Apple Pencil (iPad Pros only), there are many options available through a 3rd party retailer.

Does New Trier provide/sell portable chargers?

No. We recommend that students charge their iPads each night in preparation for school the next day. If you find that the battery does not last long enough to stay charged through the day, we suggest purchasing a portable charger.

How can I extend my iPad's battery life throughout the school day?

There are other good habits for extending your iPad's battery life:

  1. Place the device in Airplane mode (Settings)
  2. Checking which apps are taking up most of your battery power. Here's HOW you do it.
  3. Make sure the device is in "sleeping" between periods instead of using the device for social and non-school activities
  4. Click on this link to learn even more!
iPad Content, Apps & Troubleshooting

Apple IDs

How do I create a new Apple ID?

If you have never created a personal Apple ID before, you will need to create one before attending an orientation. You will need to create an Apple ID and verify it through your email address. If you do not have a personal email address, you may use your New Trier issued email address (studentID#)

How do I update the email on an existing Apple ID?

If you already have an Apple ID that is not managed by another institution, you may continue to use this Apple ID at New Trier. To update the email address, go to to access your account. You will need to have access to the email linked to your Apple ID.

Why does New Trier use personal Apple IDs instead of school-maintained Apple IDs?

Because New Trier does not limit or restrict students from any apps on the iPad, we believe it is important for students to have access to all of their apps under one Apple ID. We will gift or loan apps to students' personal Apple IDs and will be able to see some basic account information, but we will not have access to your Apple ID account.

Can I share an Apple ID with family members?

It is highly recommended that students do not share their Apple IDs with anyone. We understand that many of our students have been sharing an Apple ID with parents or siblings. Once a student reaches high school, access to apps and having access to account information is critical. Best practice is for students to have access to the Apple ID password and email account linked to the Apple ID at all times. Family sharing will allow students to continue to access apps from family accounts, but will limit a student's ability to purchase (even free) apps needed for classes during the school day. There are situations where a family will find it necessary to more closely monitor a student's access to an Apple ID, but we would like families to seriously consider giving their student an independent Apple ID. For more information on Apple Restrictions , Family sharing , or managing an Apple ID , please click on the links.

New Trier Device Management

What are the profiles New Trier puts on my iPad?

All iPads are enrolled in New Trier's Mobile Device Management (MDM) system called JAMF (Self Service). All iPads purchased or borrowed from New Trier are enrolled in Apple's Device Enrollment Program (DEP). These profiles allow New Trier to assign apps to students, track missing iPads, and allow iPads to be used for testing. These profiles shall not be removed while the student attends New Trier. Violation of this could result in discipline as outlined in the AUR .

My student no longer attends New Trier and we need to remove the profiles on the iPad, how do we do that?

Please contact the iPad Helpline at to assist in this process. It is best to do this before the student leaves New Trier as this is difficult to do over the phone.

Backing Up

How do I backup to the iCloud or iTunes?

It is very important to maintain a backup on your iPad. Things happen and iPads break. For more information on how to backup your iPad, see Apple's Backup Page.

I do not have enough iCloud space, how do I backup my iPad?

You have two options for backing up if you do not have enough iCloud space. (1) purchase more iCloud space from Apple. This is relatively inexpensive, but it is a monthly fee. (2) Back your iPad up to iTunes on your home computer. This is a free option, but it does require you to manually backup, whereas an iCloud backup is automatic.


Where do students go if they want to learn more about using an app?

Many app tutorials are available on YouTube, , or New Trier's Instructional Technology website. If you are unable to find what you are looking for there, you can also get app help on school days from 7:30am to 4pm from TrevIT in A414 (Northfield) or outside the library (Winnetka).

I am unable to download an app from Self-Service. Where do I go for help?

First, check that you are signed in to the App Store with the same Apple ID that you were using when you purchased the app. Then, check that the app is not in your "Purchased" tab in the App Store. If you are still unable to download an app from Self-Service, visit one User Support in A414 (Northfield) or 224 (Winnetka) for assistance.

iPad Repair, Loss & Damage

Lost/Found iPads

My student lost their iPad at school. Is there a way to track it?

Yes, any iPad registered with our mobile device management system (required on all iPads used for school) can be tracked on our WiFi. Students should go to TrevIT in A414 (Northfield) or outside the library (Winnetka) for assistance tracking iPads. You can also track iPads through Apple's Find My iPad App through the iCloud.

My student's ipad was stolen, how do I get a new one?

New Trier does not provide coverage for stolen/lost iPads. We recommend that families look at their homeowners insurance policy, cell phone coverage, or register their device through a 3rd-party company that will provide that type of coverage for your devices: Worth Ave Group or GoCare .

iPad Repair, Replacement & Support

I believe I purchased AppleCare+ for my student. How do I check?

First, look at to see if you can look up warranty information on that device. If this does not help, email us at . We will be able to look up information on your iPad including warranty information, iPad model, purchase information, etc.

My student's iPad is broken and I have AppleCare+, what do I do to get it fixed?

Bring the broken iPad to TrevIT in A414 (Northfield) or outside the library (Winnetka). Staff there are trained to assess the iPad and facilitate a AppleCare+ claim with Apple.

My student's iPad is broken and I did not purchase AppleCare+, what do I do to get it fixed?

The first place to start is TrevIT in A414 (Northfield) or outside the library (Winnetka). There, the technology staff can assess the condition of your iPad. Some iPads may be eligible for repairs coordinated through New Trier. If this is the case for your iPad, we will be able to give you information about the replacement/repair process.

My student has already used up their two repairs through AppleCare+ or never purchased AppleCare+...What do I do now to get the iPad repaired/replaced?

The student can still stop by TrevIT in A414 (Northfield) or outside the library (Winnetka) to have their iPad looked over by technology staff. If the iPad qualifies (purchased from New Trier in the 2016-2017 school year), it may be eligible for AppleCare-like services and the student will receive information from technology staff at that time. If the iPad cannot be repaired, we suggest going directly to an Apple Store for a replacement. We are unable to facilitate iPads outside the warranty period and cannot provide a new iPad to the student.

Accessory Support

Why is the keyboard case not covered by insurance?

New Trier uses AppleCare+ to replace broken iPads. This is an Apple-only warranty program and, therefore, does not cover non-iPad issues.

MLP Policies & Services

What are New Trier's policies regarding technology use?

There are three documents regarding technology use at New Trier: Board Policies and Acceptable Use Regulations (AUR) pertain to all technology usage at New Trier and the Mobile Learning Program Acknowledgement (MLPA) pertains specifically to the Mobile Learning Program (i.e. iPad usage).

Tech Department Student/Family Services

My student went to school without a fully charged iPad. Is there a place they can charge it during the day?

No, New Trier does not currently have charging stations. Both campuses, however, do have public locations for students to plug in their own chargers should they need it. If students are having trouble maintaining their battery levels, they may purchase a portable charger or should look into battery saving techniques such as limiting the non-educational use of the iPad during the school day or turning off Bluetooth.

My student left their iPad at home, can they borrow an iPad for the day?

No. Sorry. We are not able to provide loaner iPads for students who forget their iPads.

How to Contact Tech Support

How do I contact the Technology Department if I have a question?

Students and their families can email TrevIT at . We do our best to answer within 24 hours; however, this is not always possible. If you have not heard back from us within 3 days, please try reaching out again.

I emailed TrevIT, but I did not receive a response. What can I do?

We are sorry about this. We will respond to emails as soon as possible. Our goal is to reply within 24 hours. In your email, please include your contact information as well as your student's name and ID number (if known). This will help us to reply more quickly to your question. During summer iPad orientations, please allow 72 hours for a reply as all staff are busy deploying iPads to incoming freshman as well as preparing classrooms for the next school year.

iPad Orientations (Summer 2018)

When are orientations for the 2017-2018 school year?

Students must attend one of the listed orientation times . Please be aware that fall sports begin August 7th (football) and August 9th (all other sports) and iPad orientations are not an excuse for missing practice. If you are unable to attend any of these dates, please contact to set up an alternate time for your orientation. All students must complete the orientation before receiving an iPad and teachers expect all students to know how to use the iPad on the first day of school.

My student missed their orientation, when can they make that up?

Yes, please contact to reschedule. Please allow 24 hours over the summer for a reply as we are busy providing orientations during this time. You can always log back into the MLP iPad Selection Portal to change your iPad Training date.

None of the orientation times work for my family, are there other options?

Please contact the to schedule. Please allow 72 hours over the summer for a reply as we are busy providing orientations during this time.

What is covered during orientation?

During the orientation, students will receive their iPad, become acquainted with the Acceptable Use Policy, get set up school-related accounts, download the apps they'll need for school, and learn basic troubleshooting techniques.

We are using our own iPad (BYOD), does my student still need to attend the orientation?

Yes, orientations are more than just receiving an iPad. Students become acquainted with the Acceptable Use Policy, get set up school-related accounts, download the apps they'll need for school, and learn basic troubleshooting techniques. It is essential that students attend this orientation in order to be ready on the first day of school.

Is there a place for parents to stay during the orientations?

Parents do not attend orientations with their students. Students should be dropped off at New Trier's west campus, by the B Building just off of Frontage Road (which runs along the Edens Expressway). There are signs posted to guide students to the check-in location.

My student has been using and iPad for a number of years, why do they need to attend this orientation?

Many students attending New Trier have been in a 1:1 environment in their middle schools or junior highs. Many students have also used iPads for a number of years as an entertainment device. The point of the iPad orientation is not to teach students the basics of the iPad, although resources will be available for students who are new to the iPad. iPad orientations allow us to assure that students are able to use basic New Trier apps, are acquainted with the Acceptable Use Policy, and have the skills needed to use an iPad at New Trier. Students come to New Trier with a variety of backgrounds using technology, and this orientation assures that all students are ready for school, day one.

How do I sign my student up for an orientation?

If you will have a freshman at New Trier next year, you should have received an email about signing your student up for an orientation. You will do this at the time of iPad purchase. If your student is an upperclassman, you may go directly to the Mobile Learning Website to sign up for an orientation. If you are having any difficulty signing up, please contact the .

My student is purchasing an iPad for the first time, but they are not a new student. Do they need to attend the orientation?

No, if your student was previously using an iPad at New Trier, they will not be required to stay for the orientation; however, they must register for an orientation time slot to receive the iPad.

My student is attending New Trier for the first time, but they are not a freshman. Do they still need to attend the orientation?

Yes, all new students must attend an orientation. If you are beginning New Trier mid-year, you will attend an orientation during a free period or after school. For more information, please contact .

My student is a mid-year transfer student. Do they need to attend an orientation to obtain their iPad?

Yes, all new students must attend an orientation. If you are beginning New Trier mid-year, you will attend an orientation during a free period or after school. For more information, please contact .