HGCD Gift of Adoption

gift of adoption

The Human Growth and Child Development class is holding a fundraiser during lunch periods this week for the Gift of Adoption, a charity organization that provides adoption assistance. Stop by the tables outside the cafeteria during 4th, 5th and 6th period to donate to a good cause. Eight staff members-Mr. Bollweg, Mr. Boumstein, Mr. John Burnside, Mr. Duell, Dale the trainer, Mr. Koulentes, Mr. Spagnoli and Mr. Voss-are the willing volunteers. Whomever has the most money in their pledge container by the end of 6th period this Friday will wear an Empathy Belly for a day. The Empathy Belly is a pregnancy simulator that allows someone to experience being 9 months pregnant.
Donate today to support the Gift of Adoption and see your favorite staff member wear the belly!