Critical Readers Summer Institute Registration

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Critical Readers, Collaborative Thinkers Summer Institute


This summer the Language Arts and English departments from across the New Trier Township will host our third common professional development experience for English/Language Arts teachers across the Township, focusing on reading and shared inquiry in grades 6-9.   

Our goal is a 2-day Township Language Arts Institute focused on shared inquiry, specifically looking at effective preparation of reading material by students, and then the orchestration of shared inquiry discussion.  The institute will cover vocabulary development, annotation, and the development of shared inquiry opportunities in the classroom.  Through this experience, teachers will gain experience with a variety of shared inquiry methods.  In addition, teachers will have the opportunity to look collaboratively and critically at readings typically offered to students in grades 6-9. 

There is no fee to enroll, and lunch will be served each day for participants.

To view the schedule for the day or to register, please click on the links below