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New Trier at Oxford 2018

May 14: Final payment due; May 21: All travel documents due; May 21: Mandatory student syllabus meeting , C301 Northfield; June 11: Combined parent/student meeting, C301 Northfield

  • Study Shakespeare in London, Oxford, and Stratford
  • Experience "The Bard" in live theatre
  • Live, travel, study and develop friendships with Shakespearean scholars and enthusiast
  • Learn the technical, theatrical, and directorial process from the finest professionals in their fiel
  • Explore London, one of the most exciting cities in the world

The Opportunity of a Lifetime:

Shakespeare: From Page to Stage explores and brings to life the process The Royal Shakespeare Company , The Globe Theatre , The Chicago Shakespeare Theater companies undergo, moving from textual interpretation, to directorial and production analysis, to live performance. Each student participant will travel to England, and be granted the rare privilege of living and studying in the ancient, hallowed halls of Oxford University.

As participants, New Trier students will :

  • Discuss and debate three Shakespearean texts with professional artisans and scholars
  • Learn how theater technicians work in conjunction with directors and actors to accomplish the staging of a Shakespearean text.
  • Analyze, discuss and stage their own interpretation of works by Shakespear
  • Interact with and discover Shakespeare's world: London, Stratford, and the English countryside
  • Create a lasting journal filled with creative writing, personal discoveries, interviews, diagrams, reflections, and analysis inspired by their interaction with directors, actors, teachers, technicians, scholars, their own peers and live theatrical performances

Important Dates.

  • May 14 - Final payment due
  • May 21 - All travel documents due
  • May 21 - Mandatory student syllabus meeting , C301 Northfiel
  • June 11 - Combined parent/student meeting, C301 Northfield
  • June 18 - July 8 - The class

Representatives Fatjon Aliaj and Louise Turner, head of the International Programs at Hertford College, Oxford. Click here to view photos.