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  • NTFAA’s Grants Partner NT Fine Arts Alumni with Students
    When New Trier High School students take classes in the fine arts, they can count on exceptional instruction alongside like-minded and talented peers.  To enhance their experiences and give current students concrete examples of how to bridge high school arts experiences with real world ones, the New Trier Fine Arts Association (NTFAA) welcomes the opportunity each year to assist faculty members in bringing in alumni artists to initiate partnerships and work with students.  
    Students at New Trier will wield swords, learn hip hop dance moves, perform with a world-renowned alumni violist, and experiment with drone photography thanks to the New Trier Fine Arts Association (NTFAA). Recently, the parent volunteer group approved over $45,000 in funding to benefit the 1,950 students who take at least one class per day in Art, Dance, Music, and Media, Speech & Theatre. 
  • New Trier Fine Arts Students Shine Bright in New York City
    New York, with its abundant cultural spectacles and educational opportunities, played host this year to two groups of New Trier Fine Arts students from the theatre and music departments. Department faculty, school administration, and the New Trier Fine Arts Association (NTFAA) worked together to support the participating student artists and their families.


NTFAA would like to thank all its generous 2017-18 donors.  You helped to fund visiting artists, student travel, confidential student financial assistance & support, summer scholarships and family receptions.  Wow!  That was some year.

Looking forward to more of the same in 2018-19!  Help support the 1,950 New Trier students who take classes each day in art, dance, music, speech and theater.

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