• Exam Schedule 2
    Tuesday, January 21, Wednesday, January 22, Thursday, January 23. Click on the image to view.
  • Superintendent Message Regarding 11/8 Winnetka Campus Lockdown
    I first want to say how sorry I am that our school, our staff, but most importantly, your children had to experience a campus lockdown today.  I also recognize how difficult this was for many of you.  I know this email is long, but I think it is important to fully inform parents and families. Below, I share more information about the events of today and then provide next steps toward ensuring this does not happen again.
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  • TrevTips: Anonymous Online Reporting
    TrevTips is designed for individuals to remain anonymous while reporting safety concerns, including reports of bullying, harassment, bias, or mental health concerns. New Trier encourages students who have a safety concern to discuss it in person with a trusted adviser, teacher, administrator, or staff member. In case of emergency, call 911. Tips submitted through the web form will be reviewed by qualified personnel within 24 hours on days when school is in session and assigned to the appropriate person for further review. Click here if you wish to submit a tip.
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    The New Trier Extension Fall-Winter catalog was mailed to New Trier Township residents. Online registration for Fall-Winter courses is now open. Click here to register.
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    It has come to our attention that some local businesses have been contacted by a firm called Sports Media Marketing, which is purporting to sell "sponsorships" for our football team. New Trier is not affiliated with this firm nor have we consented for them to contact businesses on our behalf. We receive no money from them. This is a reminder to our business and parent community to please use caution and contact us if you receive a suspicious call that claims an affiliation with New Trier High School. New Trier and its parent groups generally do not use outside firms for fundraising.  
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