Production Studio and CNC lab


Winnetka Campus Design Technology Requests:

Northfield Campus Design Technology Requests:

Prototyping Equipment @ New Trier:  
Laser Cutters  
Universal Laser Systems VLS 660 18x32
Universal Laser Systems VLS 460 18x24
Universal Laser Systems 12x24
3D printers  
Startasys F170 10x10
Startasys F120 10x10
Startasys F120 10x10
Makerbot Replicator  
Makerbot Replicator  
Makerbot Z18  
Objet 24  
Printers and Cutters  
Roland SG-300 Cut/Ploter 30 wide
VersaUV printer Direct to Material 12X11x3.94
HP Deskject Oversized Printer 36" & 24"
CNC Routers  
Torchmate/FlashCut CNC 4 X 8 4'x8'
Forest Scientific CNC 4 X 4 4'x4'
Inventables CNC Table  
3D Scanners  
3D Scanner - Next Engine  
3D Scanner - Creaform  
Other Plastics  
Injection Molder  
Plastic Heater Bender Small  
Plastic Heater Bender Large  
Large Vacumm Former  
Injection Molder  
Wood Shop Machine Power Tools  
Compound Miter Saw  
Dado Table Saw  
Regular Table Saw  
Drill Press  
Large Lathe  
Small Lathe  
Wood Bandsaw  
Metal Bandsaw  
Large SuperMax Sander  
Small SuperMax Sander  
Oscillating Spindle Sander  
Table Sander  
Large Spray Booth  
Sanding Booths  
Scroll Saw  
Pannel Saw