Ambrozik Award for Shakespeare

Award Name: The Linda Ambrozik Memorial Shakespeare Award

Number of recipients: 1

Award: $500; a book on Shakespeare; certificate. The winner will also be honored at the Senior Awards ceremony in May.

Process: Open to all current New Trier seniors. Writing judged by a committee of English Department teachers.

Award Origins: The Ambrozik Award was established in 1999, and first awarded in 2000. It is named after a colleague in the English department who taught at New Trier for 23 years before her passing in 1999. It is awarded annually to a student in the senior class who has demonstrated a love for the study of Shakespeare and particularly for language.

Prompt: In his book Shakespeare: The Invention of the Human , Harold Bloom writes, "Some authors are indeed dead, but not William Shakespeare."

Write a short personal narrative, essay or reflection illustrating how your encounters with Shakespeare over the course of your high school experience support the idea of Shakespeare's language as lively and/or relevant in today's context.

You may draw from:

  • plays and sonnets you studied in school
  • projects in which you participated
  • performances you attended
  • productions in which you have performed

While your response may not necessarily be analytical in nature, it should be well written and reflect your authentic experience.

Document Specifics: Submission must be 2 pages, double spaced, Times New Roman font, 12 point. Document should be saved as a .pdf file. Please use the following naming convention for your file "your last name-your first name-AAS.pdf" (e.g. Zwirner-Ed-AAS.pdf).

Deadline: March 24, 2021

Submit your file: Click HERE to access the file upload form. Please save your file in .pdf format prior to submitting it.