In Memory of Linda Ambrozik, 1948 - 1999

Linda Ambrozik

Linda Ambrozik's passion in life was sharing. For twenty-three years she warmed our lives with grace, a gentle spirit, and wit, sharing with all of us the joys she found in living. For those twenty-three years she shared with us her talents and love, and inspired us with the courage that she daily displayed in the face of an awful and debilitating illness. This insidious disease has stripped from this world a special soul whose humanity softened an often ugly world. It has removed from the New Trier community an outstanding educator whose concern for young people and colleagues was boundless. Most importantly, it has taken from us a friend who brightened a moment with a smile, a story, or a thoughtful comment. What death cannot remove are the gifts she shared with us during those moments or the impact she had on our understanding of literature, language, and human nature.

Linda enjoyed questioning and debating and modeled so well the importance of maintaining an openness that can produce meaningful change. Conversations with Linda were never routine; they reflected the enthusiasm, humor, and optimism that were so much a part of her life and produced insights that were always revealing. Linda's teaching conveyed a capacity to savor- language, fine writing, artistic expression and personal achievement. She valued the efforts of students and colleagues to express ideas articulately and to achieve goals, and she celebrated our successes.

Linda fundamentally altered the way we viewed our lives and blessed us with an understanding that life holds many treasures. We will miss her smile, her honesty, her compassion, her friendship, and most of all her sharing.

Linda Ambrozik's legacy is a lesson in fully committing to life, and we are better for it. She showed us all how to become more than we are.

John Cadwell, English Department Chair

The New Trier English Department has established a scholarship in memory of Linda Ambrozik. This award will be presented annually to a graduating senior who has particularly enjoyed the study of Shakespeare. If you would like to contribute to this scholarship fund, please make your check payable to New Trier High School and send it to Mary Louise Birks at New Trier High School, 385 Winnetka Av, Winnetka, IL 60093. Thank you very much.