Meet Ben Percifield, IGSS Graduate 2012

Ben Percifield

What path did you pursue after IGSS and New Trier?

I attended McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. I graduated with distinction with a BA in Economics and East Asian Language & Literature.

What are your future academic and/or professional plans?

After graduating, I moved to Beijing and worked for China's largest wind turbine manufacturer, Goldwind. I worked in the office of the Secretary of the Board mainly as an interpreter and translator, interpreting factory tours for investors and translating documents for our shareholders. Now, I am an event coordinator for Chinawise USA, a company which helps bridge China with the USA.

How did your time in IGSS impact you as a learner and person?

Despite not going to a smaller school, or one with narrative assessment, IGSS had a great impact on my education and work thereafter. At McGill, as a liberal arts student, I was free to choose my curriculum (as long as it met certain parameters). The classes I chose were very much like IGSS: they relied on projects more than tests, they were integrated curriculums, and they were full of people passionate about their coursework.