Meet Emmy Swift, IGSS Graduate 2012


What path did you pursue after IGSS and New Trier?

After IGSS, I went to the University of Wisconsin- Madison. I majored in botany and entrepreneurship, and minored in sustainability.

What are your future academic and/or professional plans?

Post college, I accepted a job at Allstate as a member of their Corporate Social Responsibility team. As a part of this team I am able to empower and support 78,000 individuals across the world to become active in their communities and create good in the world. Outside of work, I am pursing my own mission to create more good. I am starting a company with my younger brother! We are making soap together and donating the profits to a local non-profit that supports individuals with disabilities in our community. This nonprofit provides individuals with the tools they need to live full lives (living independently, making friends, having a job and even paying taxes!), and it's great to know we can help them make this positive impact.

How did your time in IGSS impact you as a learner and person?

The greatest impact IGSS made was changing the way I think. IGSS trained my brain to approach challenges and look at the world in terms of systems. Nothing is ever a strictly isolated incident. It's important to evaluate a challenge from both directions of the pipeline. The IGSS community taught this through the integrated classroom style learning, and by putting lesson into practice during our capstone "Everything is Connected" project. I continue to utilize systems thinking in my work every day, and guide my personal curiosities to be a more conscientious global citizen.