The Modern and Classical Languages Department believes that:

  • At the heart of language learning is the ability to communicate, whether it be person to person, in writing, or through the reading of literature. Communication promotes understanding, tolerance, and respect for others.
  • The process of learning to comprehend, speak, read, and write another language develops insight into the nature of language as well as connections to other disciplines.
  • Learning another language prepares students to be citizens of the global community by developing an awareness and appreciation of other cultures.
  • As students become immersed in learning other languages and their cultures, they begin to understand how others view the world.
  • Language learning encourages students to "commit minds to inquiry, hearts to compassion, and lives to the service of humanity".

Goals and Objectives

The study of modern languages develops:

  • the four language skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing
  • an enriched intellectual experience
    a wider view and knowledge of the world and a global perspective of language and culture
  • an appreciation and understanding of different peoples

The study of Latin develops:

  • a knowledge of the life, history, institutions, mythology, and religion of the Romans
  • an awareness of the influence of Roman civilization upon Western civilization
  • an understanding of political and social problems in the Roman world
  • a broader English vocabulary through the study of modern derivations from Latin roots

Special Activities

Students may exercise leadership and become involved outside the classroom through a wide variety of activities provided by the department.

The activities include:

  • Chinese Club
  • French Club
  • German Club
  • Hebrew Club
  • International Club
  • Italian Language Study, Summer 2014
  • Japanese Club
  • Latin Club
  • Spanish Club
  • Summer study abroad programs

Honors and Awards

  • French, German, Japanese, Spanish, Chinese, and Latin Honorary Societies
  • National Language Exams in French, German, Latin, and Spanish
  • Foreign Language Achievement Awards
  • Junior Book Awards