Student directors in the spotlight at New Trier

The New Trier High School Media, Speech & Theatre Department will host the 15th Annual Spring Directing Project Showcase on May 17, 18, and 19 in the Hayes-McCausland Theatre at the Winnetka Campus.

A celebration of student directors, technicians, and performers, the showcase process began in September with the students of the Theatre 4: Advanced Acting and Directing class. Each student selected, cast, staged, and presented a 30-minute play during their theatre class this spring, and the productions showcased over 80 student actors in a variety of plays of diverse genres, cast sizes, and subject matter. Student directors in good standing were given the option of presenting their play again as part of the Directing Project Showcase.

"I am so proud of our seniors," Theatre 4 Instructor Nina Lynn said. "They have stepped into their leadership with insight and creativity and the plays are as varied and interesting as the students who chose them."

"The Directing Project Showcase is an important part of our season," Performing Arts Coordinator Anne James-Noonan said. "It's a chance for our advanced students to develop and demonstrate a specific point of view and exercise their artistic voices."

Please note that several of the plays contain mature subject matter and might not be suitable for more sensitive audience members. The more explicit pieces are placed at the end of each evening's offerings so that audience members may discreetly exit if necessary.

Directing Project Showcase dates and times:

Thursday, May 17 at 4:30:

Sittin' by Christopher Ceraso
Directed by Teddy Fischer
Featuring Skylar Atonson, Ian Michelson, Mia Papoutsis

First to See the Lights Go On by James Campbell
Directed by Elise Reehl
Featuring Aidan Cahill, Greta Zimmer

Between Two Friends by Stephen McFeely
Directed by Bibi Belknap Fernandez
Featuring Lillian Jones, Lidia Orta

Thursday, May 17 at 7:00:

Red Cross by Sam Shepard
Directed by Maliha Sayed
Featuring Lili Daskais, Lily Ingram, Andrew Kline

Power Lunch by Alan Ball
Directed by Elena Cata
Featuring Nicki Montenegro, John Nunemaker, Lidia Orta

The Lesson by Eugene Ionesco
Directed by Isaac Slomski-Pritz
Featuring Anna Feinerman, Eloise Fosse, Jake Rasof

Friday, May 18 at 4:30:

Postponing the Heat Death of the Universe by Stephen Gregg
Directed by Ella Denman
Featuring Olivia Hart, Josh Lariosa, Lucy McDowell

12hr Life by Robert Scott
Directed by K Braeseke
Featuring Meagan Rittmanic, Ryan Struckman

So Tell Me About this Guy
Directed by Ayanna Guillen
Featuring Maggie Blommee, Charlotte Jaffe

Bar Mitzvah Boy by Samara Siskind
Directed by Phoebe Rudnick
Featuring Sarah Buchmann, Franklin Goodman

Friday, May 18 at 7:00:

The Role of Della by John Wooten
Directed by Nick Falter
Featuring Kelly Olvany, Alli Schwartz

The Siren Song of Stephen Jay Gould by Benjamin Bettenbender
Directed by Olivia Ingle
Featuring Joseph Handelman, Charlotte Lahti

Zoo Story by Edward Albee
Directed by Emma Michelson
Featuring Lucy Gale, Laura Stone

Crooked by Catherine Trieshmann
Directed by Gracie Nayman
Featuring Cammi Avery, Louisa Perrin, Elle Terrado

Saturday, May 19 at 4:30:

Constellations by Nick Payne
Directed by Liam Oh
Featuring Ellie Hartmen, James McColl

Fifth Planet by David Auburn
Directed by Elise Hall
Featuring Julie Oelerich, Samuel Ufford

The Unknown Part of the Ocean by Sheri Wilner
Directed by Anna Kruger
Featuring Emily Colitte, Adina Grossman

Five Women Wearing the Same Dress by Alan Ball
Directed by Frankie Nayman
Featuring Kylie Boyd, Sara Bunge, Carly Martin, Phoebe Moy, Isabelle Roberts