100% Remote Learning Opt-In form

Information for opting into remote learning at any time AND for families who wish to change their choice from all-remote to hybrid for second quarter:

  1. Families may choose to opt-into 100% remote learning at any time during the year. Students who are 100% remote must remain in remote learning until the end of the quarter. If a student will continue remote learning into the next quarter, they do not need to opt-in again.
  2. If a family would like their student to change from remote learning to a hybrid schedule (in-school learning) for second quarter, the parent/guardian must send an email to adminservices@nths.net by Wednesday, October 28 th . Please include the student's full name and ID number. The move from remote learning to an in-school hybrid schedule will be effective on the first day of the 2nd quarter, which is Monday, November 2 nd .
  3. If you would like your student to participate in the 100% remote option at any time, please complete the form located in the parent portal of PowerSchool.
    a. Parent/Guardian log into the PowerSchool Parent Portal .
    b. Click on "Forms" located on the left side navigation bar.
    c. Click on "100% Remote Learning Option" form, Check the Option and Click on Submit.
  4. After completing the form in PowerSchool, your student will be scheduled for remote learning the following day.

If you have questions, please email adminservices@nths.net or your specific campus assistant principal.

Gail Gamrath
Northfield Assistant Principal

Mike Lee
Winnetka Assistant Principal for Administrative Services