August 14, 2020

Aug. 14, 2020

Dear New Trier Parents and Students:

We hope this email finds your family doing as well as possible during these challenging times. Thank you for your patience as we worked on schedules this summer to prepare for different learning scenarios this school year. Your student's schedule and book list are now available through your parent portal in PowerSchool. Please follow the steps below:

  1. Log into PowerSchool Parent Portal
  2. To view 1st and 2nd semester classes along with the book list, click on the 20-21 Year Schedule located on the left side navigation list
  3. To view your student's current week schedule, click on "My Schedule" located on the left side navigation list.
  4. If you have questions about your PowerSchool Parent Portal user account or are having trouble logging in, please contact the Data Team at

As you know, we will be using the Trevian Block Schedule during this school year. This schedule has been balanced to help keep class sizes at the appropriate levels as we take steps toward a gradual return to in-person instruction. Once we determine that circumstances can allow us to bring students back on a hybrid schedule, different cohorts will rotate between in-school and remote instruction based on the first letter of their last names. We will inform parents in advance of the days each cohort will attend school once we have moved up a step on our Reopening Ladder and begin to bring students back. In a full hybrid scenario (50 percent of students in school, attending in person two days a week), the cohorts will be split among last names A-K and last names L-Z, with some students with special needs identified to attend school more often. Trevian Days (most Mondays) will be remote.

Because we may have different learning scenarios throughout the year, the schedule is a bit more complicated to read than in the past. We also will be severely limited in our ability to grant schedule change requests.

How to read your student's schedule:

  1. Please use the following link for a tutorial on how to read your student's schedule:
  2. You may use the attached schedule worksheet for Northfield and Winnetka to write your student's specific classes within the appropriate time slots.
  3. Click here for Northfield worksheet
  4. Click here for Winnetka worksheet
  5. We recommend that you keep a copy of the school's Bell Schedule ( Winnetka Campus or Northfield Campus ) as you review your student's schedule. This will allow you to compare the time of the day with the classes your student will attend either in-person or remotely.
  6. The schedule does not include classes and clubs such as: Senior Project, Reading & Writing Center Tutor and Math Center Tutor. These courses will be added to the student's schedule at the beginning of the school year.
  7. Your student's book list is also provided on the parent portal in PowerSchool. Please refer to the bookstore link: for their online sales information. All book sale items will be available online for home delivery. Walk-in book sales will not be available this year.

Schedule Change Requests:

  1. If there is an error in your student's schedule, please contact:
    a. Northfield students: Natalia Katsinis -
    b. Winnetka students:
  2. Because staffing requirements were based on your student's original class registration requests, additional courses cannot be added to your student's program even if there is a free block available. The new daily block schedule was meant to add additional free time to your student's day.
  3. Requests to change your student's schedule will be extremely difficult to process. In order to process a schedule change, the following criteria must be met:
    a. All level changes must be approved by the department chair of the specific course.
    b. If approved, there must be an available seat under the total class maximum AND will not exceed the seat capacity for that specific room to ensure social distancing and safety protocol.
    c. Even if a student has chosen to learn remotely, we must adhere to the above criteria to prepare for the eventual return to "in-person" learning.
  4. Schedule change requests must be initiated through your student's adviser, who will work with Administrative Services to see if a change is possible.
  5. Please understand the unique nature of this upcoming school year will severely impact the ability to change classes. Requests we have typically processed in the past will most likely not be possible in order to maintain the balance we have assigned to classrooms to assure social distancing during in-person instruction.

We look forward to seeing your student in person in the near future, but until then, we hope all of you will have the best possible start to the school year. If you have questions, please email or contact your student's campus assistant principal.

Take care and be safe. Go Trevians!

Gail Gamrath
Northfield Assistant Principal for Administrative Services

Mike Lee
Winnetka Assistant Principal for Administrative Services