September 25, 2020

Dear New Trier Families,

We are pleased to announce that New Trier High School will move to Step 4 on its Reopening Ladder starting Oct. 6, meaning that in-person instruction for 25 percent of students each day will begin as planned on Tuesday, Oct. 6.

Please refer to the letter we sent you on Wednesday for all of our return-to-school information, including which days students will attend based on their last names, safety procedures, transportation, lunch, and other information. As a reminder, we post all of these letters on our Back to School page .

Parent Webinar Sept. 30

We invite you to attend a webinar about New Trier's return to in-person instruction hosted by Superintendent Paul Sally, Winnetka Campus Principal Denise Dubravec, and Northfield Campus Principal Paul Waechtler on Wednesday, Sept. 30, beginning at 6:30 p.m. Please register in advance here. The session will be recorded for those who cannot attend.

Abiding by State Health and Safety Guidelines for Activities Outside of School

As we have stated throughout this school year, we are all in this together. In order to be able to keep our campuses open and bring students together for instruction and extracurricular activities, we are relying on the entire New Trier community to maintain safe practices and follow guidelines established by state and local health agencies regarding travel, restrictions on large gatherings, wearing face coverings, social distancing, and quarantining.

We have received several questions regarding our health and safety procedures for students who may be participating in club/travel sports or activities outside of school. We know these activities are important to our students and in many cases are a part of their identity. The Illinois Department of Public Health has issued Sports Safety Guidance for three categories of sports/activities: higher risk, medium risk, and lower risk.

At this time, "higher risk" activities can run non-contact drills and training, "medium risk" activities can run intra-team scrimmages, and "lower risk" activities may, if mitigation measures are taken, participate in competitions within their conference, league, or region. Travel outside of Illinois for competitions is prohibited at all risk levels. The New Trier Athletics Department is strictly adhering to these guidelines in determining allowable activities and drills for our student-athletes in different sports on campus. We expect and hope that clubs and travel teams are doing the same.

To come to campus, New Trier students must follow state guidelines related to COVID-19, including the Sports Safety Guidelines. We will be updating our Ruvna health screening process to include questions about sports safety. To be clear: If a student is participating in a club/travel sport or activity that is violating IDPH guidelines, that student may not participate in on-campus instruction, athletics, or extracurricular activities for a two-week quarantine period after their last day of participation. Students can continue to attend classes remotely during any quarantine period.

We recognize that there is disagreement over IDPH's categorization of risk level and allowable activities for different sports. We will follow IDPH's guidance as it changes. As long as a club or team abides by the state's guidelines, students can continue to participate in that activity and still come to school. However, everyone at New Trier must be honest on our health screener and follow the state's COVID-19 health guidelines if we want our campuses to remain open. We have a robust remote learning program, and any family may opt for 100 percent remote learning at any time.

Thank you for helping keep our entire New Trier community safe as we move forward with plans to bring more students back to campus. We hope to see you at our webinar and look forward to welcoming back 25 percent of our students on Oct. 6.


Paul Sally, Superintendent