In Memory of Ari Chester, 1988 - 2005

Ari Chester
1988 - 2005

Ari Chester is best remembered as our incredibly kind, witty and endearing sister, daughter, friend, teammate and student. Ari captivated the affections of everyone around her with her compassionate heart, and her warmth inspired hope and encouraged dreams. The happiness of others was of utmost importance to Ari, and her kind devotion spread beyond her friends, family, teammates, coaches, classmates and teachers. Her incredible passion for life and giving was, and still is, perceptible by those who had never even met her. Anyone who had the fortune to be a part of Ari's life recalls her unbelievable selflessness. Ari's life ended too soon, but her devotion to others keeps giving. Ari's Extra Inning was established by her mother, older brother and twin sister to support organizations that embody Ari's passion for life and compassion for others.