Metrics and Current Status

Revised Metrics

Metrics and Thresholds

To have an accurate picture of COVID-19 data affecting New Trier High School, the District must consider both local New Trier Township data and a wider region around our area. The areas where New Trier staff live and where New Trier families spend time are broader than just New Trier Township, so a full picture is essential to assess the risk of increasing the spread of the virus. New Trier, in consultation with the RAB, is finalizing data sources with public health officials and medical consultants to determine its reopening metrics and thresholds.

Here are sources available on CCDPH and IDPH websites:

Ladder to Reopening

New Trier has developed a Ladder to Reopening to help guide our school through various stages of the pandemic for the 2020-2021 school year. The Reopening Advisory Board will work to provide recommendations to establish the metrics and thresholds used and to help determine movement up and down the ladder. As state and local guidance changes, those changes will be integrated into New Trier's metrics.

reopening ladder