About the Mobile Learning Program

The Mobile Learning Program is Changing the Way New Trier Teachers Teach and Students Learn

New Trier's one-to-one Mobile Learning Program (MLP) gives one iPad to every student.  These devices offer a unique set of features creating opportunities for individualized learning, increased student engagement, and the transformation of teaching practices.


The District evaluates the efficacy of the MLP to ensure that New Trier is providing our students with a device that supports their learning needs and enhances their educational experience. Our initial evaluation indicated that the tablet-style mobile device features were critical to the program's success, including:

  • Instantly record, edit, and integrate audio and video
  • Immediate access to resources in classrooms
  • A variety of easy-to-use productivity and curricular apps
  • Increased digital communication with teachers
  • Efficient feedback between teacher and student
  • Improved classroom routines and practices
  • Improved student organization and management of work  


With the Board's support of a one-to-one program, the District will partially subsidize iPad costs with families paying a reduced price and retaining permanent ownership of the iPad.  iPads purchased through New Trier include a subsidy provided by the District to mitigate the cost of ownership. This shared cost between the District and families acknowledges that the device can be used at home and at school, for both educational and personal purposes. Students may only purchase one subsidized device during their time at New Trier and must return their iPad if they move out of the district before the start of the school year. Included with the subsidized purchase is an iPad, keyboard case, and access to both core and curricular apps.


Only students who are enrolled during the school year may purchase an iPad through the New Trier MLP program. If a student acquires an iPad from the District and subsequently does not attend New Trier (either opting for another local school or relocating out of the district), the iPad must be returned before the first day of school, and the purchase will be promptly refunded.

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