iPad Repair, Loss & AppleCare+

Details for the 2020-2021 School Year Will Be Available Soon.

New Trier is committed to providing students high quality support so they can focus less on the technical aspects of the iPad and more on academic goals. To make the Repair/Loss/Damage process as easy as possible, New Trier has several services in place. Technical support is available at each campus during school hours (7:30am-4:00pm). Starting in the 2017-2018 school year, support at Winnetka will be provided at trevIT , located outside the library. trevIT at Northfield is located in Room A414.

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Coverage for Lost or Stolen iPads

While New Trier does not insure against lost or stolen iPads, there are options available for purchasing this type of coverage. If you are interested in Lost/Stolen iPad coverage, contact your cell phone service, homeowners insurance, or the Worth Ave Group or GoCare.

What to Know if Your iPad is Lost or Stolen
  • Students should go to trevIT at Winnetka (outside the library) or A414 at Northfield. Any iPad registered with our management system can be tracked via our WiFi. You can also track iPads through Apple's Find My App or through the iCloud .
  • A lost or stolen iPad is NOT covered by the extended AppleCare+ warranty.
  • You may be issued a loaner iPad at the discretion of technology staff, depending on availability. You may keep the loaner for up to two weeks or until you arrange to have your iPad replaced or repaired (whichever comes first).

What if I Opted Out of AppleCare+?

If you purchased your iPad in the 2017-2018 school year, you will be eligible for additional services from New Trier similar to those who purchased AppleCare+. Please do not have your iPad repaired by a 3rd-party company or directly through Apple or these services will be voided.

iPad Not Functioning Properly? Follow These Steps:
  • Go to trevIT for a device assessment (outside the library at the Winnetka campus, or A414 at the Northfield campus).
  • If the issue is covered under the basic warranty, technology staff will assist in processing your claim with Apple.
  • If the issue is not covered under the basic warranty, but it would have been covered under AppleCare+, you may receive a replacement device after paying the deductible. Please contact trevIT for the deductible costs.
Expired Coverage

If your iPad coverage term has expired, you are responsible for any repair or replacement costs for both the iPad and its accessories. New Trier suggests families go directly to Apple for support, but students may stop by trevIT first for a free assessment. If you purchased an iPad from the district before the 2020-21 school year, and you need to purchase a new iPad or receive a replacement device from Apple, you will be required to register the new device with New Trier's Technology Department to assure continued services including access to school resources. REMINDER: Students should go to trevIT locations for all technology-related assistance.

Broken Keyboard Case

New Trier's Mobile Learning program allows one iPad case for each student. Although cases are given as a courtesy to help families begin the program with a protected device, the District is not responsible for providing additional protection. Logitech Rugged Combo cases are rugged, durable, and built to withstand a lot of punishment. However, in the event the case becomes defective or damaged in any way, students and their families are responsible for future case/protection solutions for their iPad, as well as filing the warranty claim with Logitech

The product must be registered with Logitech to be eligible to file a warranty claim. We recommend registering your product immediately. For more information about the Logitech Limited Hardware Warranty, visit: http://www.logitech.com/en-us/footer/terms-of-use?id=3101

Please Note: New Trier does not facilitate the warranty claim process. The claim process is between the family and the Logitech company.

New Trier's iPad Repair

Students who come to trevIT (outside the library at Winnetka and in Room A414 at Northfield) will be able to receive a free, basic diagnostic by technology specialists. As a best practice, we recommend that students use iCloud and iCloud Drive to backup and access their iPad content. If you find that you are out of iCloud space, you may want to consider purchasing additional storage; it is fairly inexpensive. If you do choose to backup your iPad content using iTunes on your personal computer, follow these steps carefully. Apple requires that users choose either iCloud or iTunes as a means of backing up content, and once you select the iTunes option, iCloud will no longer backup content automatically. Please visit trevIT at anytime for help with this process.

If an iPad is covered under warranty, technology specialists will collect the deductible (if required) and request a new iPad from Apple which should take no more than 48 hours. Pending approval, there are instances when a student may be given a loaned iPad; however, keep in mind that loaned iPads are subject to the terms of the MLP Acknowledgement . Students who receive a new device from Apple must remain in contact with technology specialists throughout the process. trevIT will transfer all data from the student's old device to the new device. Anything backed up on the iCloud or to iTunes will transfer to the new iPad.

All communication is issued to student's New Trier email accounts (@student.nths.net). Failure to stay in communication with technology specialists will impede our ability to provide high quality service. We have a limited amount of time to return damaged iPads before we are charged for the new device, so prompt communication is vital.

What if my loaned iPad or accessory breaks or is lost/stolen?

Loaned iPads are property of the district and are only loaned to students who qualify or have been specially approved for a loan during the repair process. Loaned iPads must be returned in operable condition, with all accessories and parts in reasonable condition; however, we understand that things happen. If a loaned iPad or accessory breaks or is lost/stolen during the rental period, the district may seek reimbursement on a case-by-case basis.