Commencement Attire

Dress Guidelines

  • Dresses must be mid-calf or longer in length.
  • Dresses must be white or off-white with all-white details (no sequins or colored accessories).
  • The bodice (chest and stomach) and back (up to where the bra strap would cross the back) must be covered. No cut-outs in these areas.
  • Shoes can be white, off-white, or nude in color. Shoes must be dressy, either flats or heels (no flip flops).
  • A formal dressy all-white pantsuit or jumpsuit may be worn as long as it meets the same guidelines above.

Tuxedo Guidelines

  • White tuxedo coat with black trousers, white shirt, black bow tie, black cummerbund, black socks and black shoes
  • All tuxedo items may be rented at local formal wear stores.

At the ceremony, a single red rose or boutonniere will be distributed to each student; the cost is included in the fee bill.

Students are discouraged from bringing any personal belongings (phones, purses, bags, cameras, or other items). There is no space available to store or secure personal items during the ceremony.

Students may choose to carry a small strapless clutch bag that is the size of one's hand. Clutch must be white or off-white.

A student arriving in attire not adhering to the guidelines without prior approval by a Senior Adviser Chair will be asked to change into approved attire, if available, or will NOT be allowed to participate in the ceremony.