The Intramural program is closely allied to the athletic and kinetic wellness departments.  The three interrelated areas contribute to the overall physical, social and emotional development of each student.

Whereas interscholastic athletics (Varsity Sports) is structured for those with greater interest, skill and specialization in a specific activity, the intramural sports program is designed for those with varying degrees of skill and interest.

Intramural sports provide:
* A quality use of free time in an athletic setting.
* Individual and group social relationships in sportsmanship and cooperation
* Group loyalties and team pride in dedication toward fulfillment of a cause in giving forth one's best effort.
* Healthy exercise in a free spirit of fun, relaxation and enjoyment.
* An opportunity for leadership and service for those dedicated toward student welfare.

Open Gym Basketball Everyday During Lunch Periods 
Flag Football League 
Fr/Soph Boys Division
Jr/Sr Boys Division
Fr/Soph Girls Division
Jr/Sr Girls Division
Open Gym Wrestling
Open Gym Boys Basketball
Open Gym Girls Basketball
Fitness Center 
Open Gym Basketball at Northfield (Co-ed) 
Open Gym Badminton 
Trevian Golf  (Booster Club Program) 
Trevian Racquets  (Booster Club Program) 
Run to Remember 

Advisery Olympics
Fitness Center 
Open Gym Basketball During Lunch Periods 
Boys Lacrosse Open Gym
Girls Lacrosse Open Gym 
Baseball Open Gym
Water Polo Open Gym
Girls Soccer Open Gym 
League Basketball (Booster Club Program)   
Spike League Volleyball (Booster Club Program)
Trevian Paddle (Booster Club Program)

Fitness Center
Open Gym Basketball During Lunch Periods
Trevian Co-ed Soccer League     
Trevian Co-ed Softball League
Advisory Dodgeball Tournament
Floor Hockey League   
Badminton Tournament
Booster Club Paddle Tennis