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New Trier Strength & Conditioning will offer a range of co-educational lifting opportunities for any New Trier student, athlete or non-athlete, who would like to participate. Participation is optional - NTS&C does not track attendance. We will provide workouts, motivation, and technical guidance which align with our year-round training model. The three variations of the model are designed to peak at different times throughout the year. The options for 2014-15 are:

Fall Peak
Fall Peak A (advanced)
Fall Peak B (advanced, speed focus)
Fall Peak C (novice, safety focus)

Winter Peak
Winter Peak A (advanced)
Winter Peak B (advanced, speed focus)
Winter Peak C (novice, safety focus)

Spring Peak
Spring Peak A (advanced)
Spring Peak B (advanced, speed focus)
Spring Peak C (novice, safety focus)

Strength and Conditioning Information