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Who We Are

STUDENT ALLIANCE (SA) is New Trier's student government. We are responsible for advising for certain school policies, approving clubs, and hosting events that impact the student body.

We strive to advocate on behalf of all student voices to enhance the New Trier experience.

We achieve this by:

  • Passing and supporting new clubs
  • Organizing club head luncheons
  • Allocating funds for clubs
  • Advertising for clubs and school-wide events
  • Facilitating recruitment of new Alliance members
  • Connecting with Student Senate (Northfield) for cross-campus projects
  • Organizing and overseeing Spring Fest (including working with club sponsors, PPS, and administration).
  • Soliciting student feedback and suggestions to improve school policy (ongoing review of student emails and running of monthly meetings with advisery representatives)

STUDENT ALLIANCE meets every day on the Winnetka Campus. Current New Trier students may attend our formal meetings, and also our monthly forums! We will announce the location on the PA.

STUDENT ALLIANCE consists of board students and four officers, sponsored by Ms. Stacy Kolack, Mrs. Stephanie Gamauf, and Dr. David Noskin. This year's Student Alliance board is made up of three committees: Public Relations, Clubs and Events