Area Environmental Groups Fundraise to Install Solar Panels on New Trier Class of 2018 Habitat for Humanity House


Each year, the New Trier Senior Class builds a Habitat for Humanity House for an area family. This year will mark the 18th year of the program and the first year that the house will feature solar panels, the first for a Habitat home in Illinois. The panels will provide reduced-cost electricity for the homeowner for the 30+ year life of the panels. The project will include approximately 14 panels resulting in a 4.2kW array. This will provide half to three-quarters of the energy needs for an average home this size.

Annually, the New Trier senior class raises approximately $100,000 through fundraisers to build a home with for a low-income Habitat Partner Family. Funding for the solar panels, installation and maintenance will be raised by Go Green Wilmette in collaboration with Go Green Winnetka, Go Green Northfield and Go Green Glencoe. The cost of the system is estimated at $20,000. To donate to this separate fundraising effort, click here .