New Trier Career Services seeking community professionals for Sophomore Career Day

On Feb. 20, New Trier Career Services will host a Career Day for the entire sophomore class from 9 a.m. to noon. Career Services Coordinators Melissa Duffy and Steve Belford are currently seeking professionals who would be interested in participating in small group panel discussions about various career fields.

"New Trier is supported by so many incredibly talented alumni, parents and community members," Duffy said. "We are hoping some professionals can join us to help guide our students with their expertise.

The goal of New Trier Career Services is to support students in exploring their interests and passions, with an emphasis placed on real-word experiences and connections with community professionals

Anyone interested in working with Career Services can take a short survey about opportunities to partner with New Trier and our students, including as part of Career Day. Even those who cannot attend Career Day are asked to fill out the survey so they can be added to New Trier's list of contacts for future activities and events

If you are interested, please take a minute and let New Trier Career Services know how you would like to help at