New Trier student dance company DTNT adds fundraising component to spring show

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The Performing Arts Division at New Trier High School is proud to present Dance Theater New Trier , its spring student dance company, in concert on May 2 and 3 in the Northfield campus Cornog Auditorium. Tickets are $7 and available at the door or at

DTNT provides an opportunity for sophomore-senior dancers, as well as select freshmen, to choreograph their own dances and collaborate with their peers. The performance will include eight original student works by Elizabeth Johnson, Jenna Khalifeh, Grace Lee, Paris Levin, Bess Perry, Natalie Ringel, Eden Snower and Abby Wilson.

Each dance is a one-of-a-kind creation, created by student choreographers with an intent or focus completely original to the dance. For example, senior Grace Lee developed the movements for her dance by studying wind and weather patterns. In another dance, senior Natalie Ringel investigated fractals, or complex patterns created by repetition. Junior Eden Snower uses a spoken word, slam poem about personal responsibility for creating change in the world to accompany her dance.

The program is also thrilled to present a one-of-a-kind, original work by professional guest artist Yariana Baralt Torres, created especially for 13 DTNT dancers. Baralt Torres is a Puerto Rican dancer, choreographer and sociologist who uses dance as a platform for social change. She obtained her BA in Dance and Sociology from Loyola University Chicago and has performed works by Amy Wilkinson, Sarah Fuller, Sandra Kauffman and Darrell Grand Moultrie. She has had the privilege of performing with Mandala Dance Company in Rome, Italy, as well as with Hedwig Dances as their performing apprentice. Baralt Torres has presented her own works at the American College Dance Association, the 100 Acts of Resistance by the Greenhouse Theater, Collaboration's Encounter Series and Loyola University Museum of Art, and more of her work can be found on her Instagram account at @yariananicole.

This year, Dance Theater New Trier will hold a bake sale after the performance on Friday, May 3, and 100 percent of the proceeds will be donated to HELPING WOMEN period , a nonprofit organization the brings free feminine hygiene products to homeless and at-risk women.

New Trier faculty Laura Deutsch and Johannah Wininsky, the 2018/19 SHAPE America National Dance Teacher of the Year Award recipient, share the artistic direction of the company and are extremely proud of the talent and artistry of this year's company of over 60 students.

The 2018 Dance Theater New Trier Company is: Mira Becker, Emily Beckmann, Hannah Bender, Caroline Bennett, Annie Berlin, Chloe Blesi, Madeline Brown, Cat Cohen, Caroline Davis, Phoebe Dwyer, Jenna Dyke, Lindsey Economos, Christina Fahmy, Marin Freedman, Jacquelyn Garabedian, Juliana Gurevich, Evie Halston, Ellie Hanlon, Olivia Ho, Bridget Hogan, Dai-lin Hummel, Isabella James, Millie James, Elizabeth Johnson, Brianna Karras, Jenna Katlin, Katie Kelly, Caroline Kenney, Jenna Khalief, Stella Kustra, Misbah Lalani, Grace Lee, Bella Leon, Alex Levin, Paris Levin, Hannah Li, Cynthia Liu, Camryn Lowry, Emily Lu, Katy Malueg, Olivia Matsuro, Caitlyn Mulligan, Amanda Neslund, Gabby Nocera, Allison O'Bara, Emmy Osuna, Robin Park, Bella Passeri, Sarosh Patel, Bess Perry, Kara Philoon, Rylie Raupp, Natalie Ringel, Emmanuel Ruiz, Mina Seals, Eden Snower, Lauren Spillane, Joelle Stressler, Grace Tobey, Christina Waltman, Emily Wang, Samantha Wert, Abigail Wilson, Esther Xu, Ariana Zawacki, Angel Zheng and Erin Zielke.