Stormwater Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) with Village of Winnetka Moves Forward


The Village of Winnetka and New Trier District 203 have negotiated an Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) authorizing the Village to utilize below-grade areas of Duke Childs Field for stormwater storage and conveyance related to flood control efforts in western and southwestern Winnetka. New Trier District 203 approved the IGA on June 10, followed by the Village on June 18.

"The stormwater management project is a critical one for the Village of Winnetka and our residents," said Chris Rintz, Village President. "New Trier's IGA is a major step in a multifaceted process that will vastly improve the way water is handled after a major rain event, and alleviate flooding concerns for many of our residents."

As part of the agreement, District 203 will realize stormwater and drainage improvements to Duke Childs Field and will be able to reconfigure the athletic fields and facilities on the property. The agreement specifies which parties are responsible for financing and building various parts of the project: the Village will make stormwater improvements and District 203 will make athletic improvements. Under the terms of the agreement, neither party is obligated to make their improvements, but if they do, they will not deviate substantially from those discussed in the plans approved by both the Village and District 203.

"This intergovernmental agreement will benefit both District 203 and the Village of Winnetka by reducing flooding on New Trier's playing fields and in village neighborhoods," said Cathy Albrecht, District 203 Board of Education President. "It is a great example of government bodies working together on behalf of the entire New Trier community."

"The next steps are finalizing IGAs with District 36 and the Winnetka Park District to create similar arrangements for stormwater improvements," said Robert Bahan, Village Manager. "Once these agreements are in place, we will work with the Cook County Forest Preserve to secure a license agreement and develop engineering plans for work on the project."