Social Work Services

Social Work Offices:

Winnetka Campus - Room 225   |   Northfield Campus - B Building, Room B230  

We understand there is a lot of uncertainty, anxiety, fear, and isolation around what is happening in the world with COVID-19. Please be sure to check-in, listen and empathize with one another, validate concerns, and address facts and fears. This is a very challenging time for everyone, and we have confidence our NT community will be there for one another, as well as utilizing the supports and resources our community agencies are providing. 

NT students receiving specific school-based IEP services will be contacted regarding those services during our school building closure. Since people react to a crisis or a stressful event differently, knowing the resources and supports provided below can be reassuring. We have provided some counseling resources, tips, websites, apps, and videos to help one another manage during this difficult time. 

We hope these wellness resources and time of reflection will provide you with opportunities for physical, mental and emotional self-care. Please consider these links below.