Incoming Freshman Information

Incoming freshman students entering New Trier with a 504 plan:

In the spring of your student's 8th grade year, your junior high will provide you with the opportunity for an

articulation meeting. The meeting will be held at your junior high and the 504 Coordinator from New Trier High School will be present for that meeting. That articulation meeting is an opportunity for the 504 Coordinator to gather information about your student and their current accommodation plan. It is also an opportunity for you to learn more about how Section 504 plans work in the high school setting, which in most cases, is very different from the junior high experience. Your student's 504 plan will be reviewed and may be modified to better fit their needs in the high school setting. This meeting is not mandatory, but it is strongly encouraged. Please communicate with your junior high in regards to articulation meeting dates.

Incoming freshman students entering New Trier without a current 504 plan :

If your student does not currently have an accommodation plan and you would like to apply for one at New Trier High School you should complete the application process described on the home page. If you are applying at the end of your 8th grade year or over the summer you can send the application materials directly to the 504 Coordinator. If you are applying early in your student's freshman year, you should send the application paperwork to your adviser. In either case, these applications will not be reviewed until approximately five weeks into the first quarter.

In order to determine eligibility, the student needs to demonstrate a substantial limitation on their ability to perform a major life activity. The school needs to provide teachers with the opportunity to work with students, monitor homework and assessment performance, and gain insight into student strengths and weaknesses. Students also need time to transition to the demands of high school and demonstrate their areas of strength and weakness. The level system at New Trier High School, in many cases, can appropriately provide the student with academic challenge and the appropriate amount of support needed without the need for formalized accommodation plans.