Quest Update and Contact Info

We are happy to announce a few management changes within Quest at New Trier.  Rebecca Cohen, formerly Food Service Director, has been promoted to District Manager for Quest which means she has additional responsibility for other nearby schools.  She will remain closely involved with New Trier as she has the past three years.  Dennis Karim, formerly Executive Chef, has been promoted to Food Service Director for New Trier.  Dennis has done an outstanding job ensuring our food service program including catering exceed expectations and he will continue to raise the bar.

Kevin Winfield, formerly Sous Chef, is now the Executive Chef and Becci Stanek is our Chef Manager at Northfield.  Pia Fazio remains our valued Supervisor at Winnetka.

Here is a breakdown of who to contact for what:

Parent/student issues regarding Revtrak/Websmart or student purchases:  
Pia Fazio, x2288 

Winnetka Catering and all catering billing questions (please cc Dennis Karim, )
Pia Fazio, x2288

Northfield Catering (please cc Dennis Karim,
Becci Stanek, x6347

Student Alliance, General Questions/Concerns/Feedback, Facility issues, Fundraising, Menu Ideas, etc
Dennis Karim, ( )  x2285

Feel free to reach out to Rebecca or I with any concerns/questions.

Thank you for your support,

Chris Johnson, MS, CSBO
Assistant Superintendent for Finance and Operations