Summer Reading 2019

The New Trier English Department endorses summer reading as an enriching experience that builds skills in the language arts and fosters sensitivity to and understanding of issues important to us all. 

Each course in English has a required summer text to read in preparation for discussion, activities, assignments, and assessments in your class during the first days of school.  The reading guide for each book outlines the expected reading activities for each text.  We suggest that you read the book within two weeks of the beginning of school, or review the text before school begins in August.

Your text may be purchased at area bookstores or online.  

Commonly Asked Questions
My course verfication shows English 1T (the combined English History class) at level 3, but I don't see a level 3 text, only level 9 and level 4.  What should I read?
The level 9 course is taken for 3 level credit, which is why it appears printed that way on your course verification.  You will read the level 9 text.
Can I use a different edition if I find one cheaper or used?

Freshmen Summer Reading Instructions
Summer Reading Overview Chart
Notice and Note Signposts
IGSS Summer Reading