Registration for our 2019 Fall Session is now closed; registration ran from July 1- August 29, 2019.  Please join us for our 2020 Winter Session if your schedule permits. Registration for the Winter Session remains open until Tuesday, January 21st at 5pm.

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ACT/SAT Test Preparation

This winter, New Trier faculty members in the English, Science, and Mathematics Departments will again offer an after-school ACT/SAT test preparation course for all interested juniors and seniors. If your student's after-school schedule is busy this winter, we offer another session in August for juniors and seniors.

The American College Testing Program (ACT) measures verbal and mathematical ability. Colleges use the ACT to assist in the selection of applicants. Review courses frequently increase scores, in part by diminishing test anxiety. While enrolling in such a course does not guarantee higher scores, students reach their testing potential with training in the following areas: reading comprehension, sentence completion, vocabulary, student-written essays, critical reasoning, science reasoning, discrete quantitative math, and student-produced responses. Students also increase their scores and confidence level by taking previous versions of the official tests, a key component of our program.


We offer sixteen (16) hours of online ZOOM instruction to train students. The course is offered at different paces based on students' current course level in math and English. Students are placed in Pace A Math if enrolled in a level-three math course or above; students are placed in Pace B Math if enrolled in a level-two math course or below. The same occurs for English and science.

Our program includes three (3) full-length online practice exams to acquaint students with the test format and pacing; these tests gauge improvement during the program. We provide all materials, in-depth online teacher instruction, and guided practice with test-taking strategies. Instruction will be remote using ZOOM and online testing after school every day--Mondays through Thursdays (see calendar ). The fee is $400 and online registration is completed on our  payment page . Registration will open on Thursday, December 10th at noon. Enrollment may be capped and will be filled on a first-time, first-served basis.