Construction Updates

May 2017

Interior walls are progressing on all floors of the Phase Two portion of the building. Workers have removed the construction access ramp to the lower level and have begun filling it in. The concourse is scaffolded, and progress continues on concourse details and the mast stairs. Workers have installed scaffolding on the McGee Theatre as well, and the ceiling is in progress. The exterior masonry for the new portion of the building is substantially complete, with windows in progress. The modular classrooms in the North Annex used by Art and Applied Arts classes during construction will demobilize in June as those departments prepare to move into their new spaces for the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year.

Week of March 13, 2017

Crews continue to wrap up work on concrete slabs in the music areas. Exterior work continues to progress with the west elevation façade well under way. The weather barrier and masonry will commence over the next few weeks. Both the large and small skylights are substantially complete at this point. Interior construction continues to progress well in all areas.

Weeks of Feb. 20 and 27, 2017

The steel superstructure is substantially complete with some detailing left to be completed over next few weeks. Slabs continue to be poured. The 1st and 2nd floors are completely poured out, and the lower level and upper floors will wrap up over next several weeks. Roofing is roughly 50% complete, and the skylight installation is ongoing through mid-March. Exterior studs on the west elevation are beginning to go up.

The interior build out is well underway on all floors. The mason is making great progress in the lower level and will wrap up the new black box theatre over the next week and then move into the new McGee Theatre. Metal stud partitions are ongoing on the 1st and 2nd floors, with duct work, sprinkler piping, plumbing, and electrical installation continuing on all floors.

Week of January 2, 2017

Despite the frigid temperatures, workers continued to erect steel to complete the superstructure on the eastern half of the Phase 2 addition. Next week the crane will be removed from the lower level and will move to the west of the addition in order to complete the two remaining steel sequences that are adjacent to Woodland Avenue. Behind the white tarps, crews continue to pour concrete as metal decks become available. Mechanical, electrical and plumbing work has already begun following the concrete pours, and the spray fireproofing process is expected to start over the next few weeks.

Week of December 5, 2016

Snow over the weekend of the 3rd and 4th meant a slight delay for cleanup at the beginning of the week, but crews have made good progression since then. Steel placement will continue to go vertical over the next two to three weeks before the crane moves out of the lower level. This week workers also began slab on grade pours, including the theatre floor.

Week of November 14, 2016

Steel work continued at a steady pace this week. The large trusses that create the ceiling of the McGee Theatre were set, and steel erection shifted back to the north to continue the vertical climb to levels 3 and 4. This process will move again from the north to the south in the same fashion as the lower two floor levels. Excavation has begun at the southeast corner of the new addition, which can be seen from Winnetka Avenue. Foundations in this area will commence over the next few weeks.

Week of November 7, 2016

The steel structure on Phase Two of the project continues to progress well, moving from north to south. Crews are currently setting steel at the new McGee Theatre space. Next week, steel work will move back to the north, rising up to the 4th floor level. Concrete foundations are substantially complete with the exception of a few areas that have been purposely left open for access requirements. Over the next few weeks as steel work continues vertically, crews will have safe access to work under the structure with underground duct and other utilities

Week of October 31, 2016

The superstructure for Phase Two of the building project continues to progress. Concrete foundations will be substantially complete by end of next week, with the area at the southeast corner of the new addition left to complete. The steel and decking will continue to rise from the lower level over the next two months. This week, crews mobilized the 360-ton crane that is now located in the lower level. This crane will remain in the lower level to set out the eastern portions of the superstructure. Construction workers have installed underground utilities and duct work in locations where it will not be impacted by the superstructure installation.

Week of September 5, 2016

Phase One of the new addition is open for business! Students and staff have been enjoying the new cafeteria, new library, new classrooms, and new collaboration spaces. The Green Roof will open to students next week; the roof patio is a fully supervised quiet oasis for students to relax or study when weather permits. Community members are invited to see the new spaces at the Phase One Ribbon-Cutting on Sept. 14 at 6 p.m. For more information, click here .

Work continues on Phase Two of the addition. Major demolition was completed in early August. Mass excavation is underway, moving from south to north. This week, workers are building a ramp into the lower level, which will be directly adjacent to Phase One. This ramp will partially be supported by the new addition and a line of temporary earth retention to the south. Following mass excavation, crews will start layout and preparation for foundations, which will be ongoing for the next month.

Week of July 25, 2016

On the lower level -- Furniture and locker installation continues in addition to wrapping up millwork, marker boards, and tack boards. Workers are cleaning, sealing floors, and painting in the back of house mechanical rooms. Appliances have arrived for the Culinary Court, and those items will be installed next week as well as the counter tops in that area. The last area of work will be the lower level floor of the concourse area once the scaffolding is removed.

On the 1st floor - The kitchen inspection should take place the first week of August, after which Quest can start using the kitchen equipment to prepare for the start of school. Crews are completing floor tile moving toward the concourse.

On the 2nd floor - Furniture and AV installation continues.

On the 3rd floor - Furniture delivery has begun, and AV installation is wrapping up, along with marker board and tack board installation.

On the 4th floor - Wall tile installation is nearly complete, and the floors will soon be cleaned and sealed. The majority of carpet is now installed, and workers are doing their final coat of paint on that floor.

In the new concourse - The southern portion of scaffolding has been removed, and the northern portion of scaffolding will start to drop early next week. The mast stair has received its first coat of paint, and bridge railing systems are wrapping up. On the 3rd floor, workers have started floor tile on the bridge and will work their way down with the adjoining existing corridor tile.

In the existing corridors - Floor tile on the 3rd floor and wall tile on the 2nd floor are underway. Ceilings are roughly 90 percent wrapped up in the existing corridors. Lockers have been painted off-site and have started to arrive back on site.

The last portion of the exterior brick façade was installed this week, allowing crews to finish the classrooms and cafeteria in that area. This area was left open for access for material in and out of the building.

Demolition of the existing Music Building continues to progress well. More importantly this week, workers started saw cutting into the existing Tower Building in order to create the Phase 2 portion of the Concourse corridor. This is the complicated portion of the demolition work in which there is structural shoring involved as well as temporary conditions that make protecting the existing facility challenging. The saw cutting operation will wrap up next week, after which crews can finalize the exterior temporary partitions.

Week of July 11, 2016

Construction is moving quickly on interior classrooms and other spaces as the first phase of the new building prepares to open by the start of school.

On the lower level - Finishes, painting, floor and ceiling work is in progress. Millwork is also underway. Lockers and more furniture should be delivered over the next few weeks. The Culinary Court (culinary classrooms) is getting ready for counter tops.

On the 1st floor - The Kitchen / Servery is wrapping up and getting prepared for inspections in early August. Cafeteria seating tile will be completed over next week along with balance of wall tile. Ceiling tile will be dropped in place after the flooring is completed.

On the 2nd floor - Carpeting installation is substantially complete and the Library is ready to accept casework. Millwork installation progressing on this floor as well. Tile around the café stair will wrap up in the next two weeks.

On the 3rd floor - Carpeting has been installed. Workers will install millwork, benches and AV equipment throughout the floor in anticipation of furniture delivery in early August.

On the 4th Floor - Carpeting installation began this week. Wall tile is being installed in corridors and classrooms. Millwork / casework is also well underway on this level.

In the Concourse / Main Entrance - Workers anticipate removing scaffolding over next two weeks. Mast Stair railings are wrapping up, and the stairs will be painted next week.

Week of May 16, 2016

Crews continued to install glass at the north concourse entrance this week and worked on completing the terrace roofs on the 4th floor. The lower level north wall was poured on Monday, May 16 and will cure for a week prior to waterproofing and backfill work.

Finishes continued on levels 1 thru 3 with painting, wall tile and ceiling grid installation and ceiling trim all ongoing. Drywall began on level 4 and will continue for the next two weeks. The lower level masonry walls were cleaned, and spaces are being prepared for painting and finishes.

In the concourse, wall framing and mast stair installation continued this week. The mast stair is expected to be completely built by end of next week with detailing to follow.

Week of May 9, 2016

Crews continue their work on construction of the main glass entrance on the north side of the building. Workers also are wrapping up the terrace (4th floor) permanent roofs over the next week, which will be followed by the completion of the soffit work at the main entrance. Excavation and prep for the lower level north wall infill began this week.

Finishes progressed well on levels 1 and 2 with painting and installation of wall tile and ceiling grid. Painting will begin on level 3 next week. Drywall of level 4 will also occur next week. Crews made good progress in the kitchen area with installation of the walk-in coolers as well as the hoods over the last few weeks.

The first portion of scaffolding in the concourse was completed and in use this week. Drywall framing of the concourse will occur over the next several weeks. Workers also began to build the north mast stair and will work their way from the lower level toward level 4.

Week of May 2, 2016

Workers completed the last of the exterior masonry washing this week, and crews began installation of the storefront windows on the north side of the building. Layout and prep at the north glass entrance also started this week.

The interior masonry in the lower level has been completed, and workers will close up the opening in the foundation over the next two weeks. Rough-in of the lower level classrooms continues. Level 1 continues to progress with installation of wall tile and final wall sanding in preparation for wall covering and paint. Painting on Level 2 will start next week followed by installation of ceiling grid. On Level 3, floor taping and sanding continues in preparation of starting painting and wall tile. Workers are wrapping up the last of the framing and in-wall electrical on Level 4.

The scaffolding of the concourse area is roughly 80% complete. Scaffolding will continue next week as the installation of the concourse staircase begins.

Week of April 11, 2016

Great weather brought some good progress this week. The masonry crew is wrapping up the last of the north elevation, after which scaffolding will be removed and the brick washed and ready for windows. The roofers will be wrapping up the last of their work on the high North Entry tower over the next week, while layout and prep for the entry glass wall system progresses below. Prep for the concourse lower level concrete started this week, as did the ADA ramp to the elevator at the lower level. Interior masonry work is about 90 percent complete with the lower level walls. Drywall continues moving up the building and is progressing on levels 1 through 3. Framing continues on level 4.

Week of April 4, 2016

Blustery winter-like weather during week impeded progress on the north masonry veneer, but the forecast moving forward looks good. Despite the weather, workers made progress on the main entry structure, preparing it for curtain wall installation. A major hurdle overcome this week was the complete removal of the temporary steel and foundation for the underpinning process in the area joining the new and existing buildings. Interior construction continues to progress on all floors with drywall continuing on levels 1 and 2. After allowing time for the last major lower level concrete pour to cure, the mason returned this week to continue with classroom walls. The majority of all lower level walls should be wrapped up over next two weeks.

Week of March 28, 2016

Exterior masonry work continued on the north side of the building over spring break and the following week. Windows were completed on the west side of the building and also along the level 4 enclosure on the north and west sides. In addition, the north entry continues to take shape with the completion of the steel detailing and roofing. Inside the building, the build-outs continue on all levels. The drywall work is gearing up on levels 1 and 2, and mechanical rough-ins continue on level 3. With the completion of the windows on the 4th level, workers were able to install the fireproofing on the steel and begin the wall framing so that floor will begin to take shape over the next several weeks. In the concourse area, the new structure related to underpinning between the new and existing building was completed, which allow other work to proceed after the temporary structure is removed this week.

Week of March 14, 2016

Crews have removed the scaffolding from the west portion of the first half of the new building, showing off the masonry on that side of the building. Brick washing will continue this week. Workers also are preparing the openings on both sides of the building from Level 1 to Level 3 to accept windows, as the window contractor continues to progress on Level 4 behind the temporary enclosure.

The exterior framing and sheathing should wrap up on the north side of the new building this week, and the brick mason will start setting scaffolding shortly on that façade. The skylights are being assembled on the roof and should wrap up this week with the smaller skylight followed by the large concourse skylight. Interior work continues to progress well, and the lower level masonry walls are approximately 50 percent complete at this point. Final wall rough-in continues on all floors in anticipation of starting drywall over the next few weeks.

Week of March 7, 2016

Exterior progress on the north portion of the building continues as workers install bricks, drywall, and exterior studs. Brick work on the west portion is substantially completed, as crews wait for the mortar to dry before they wash the bricks and set the copings. Windows and skylights have been delivered, and installation is beginning under the temporary tarps on the 4 th floor. Iron workers are wrapping up the last of the steel for the new elevator and will be creating the main entrance roof over the next week. Interior masonry is moving along well in the lower level as crews develop mechanical spaces first and classrooms to follow. Interior construction on levels 1 through 4 continues to progress; the main stair is being installed from the lower level up.

Week of February 29, 2016

Rough weather, including high winds and snow, delayed some of the work on the exterior of the building last week. While the wind removed some of the tarps from the façade, other tarps are being removed as planned for brick cleaning and washing. Windows and glass deliveries will begin this week in preparation for window installation. Interior work continues on schedule with the mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection trades working their way up the building.

Week of February 22, 2016

The building enclosure continues to progress well along the west elevation and will be moving to the north this week. Additionally the roof continues to progress well, and workers will be moving to the terrace roofs this week. Crews will be completing some steel connections to the existing building over the next two weeks. The interior build out also continues with good progress.

Week of February 15 2016

Despite the colder temperatures, construction crews have made good progress under the temporary enclosures over the last two weeks. The mason is about finished with brick work on the south elevation and will be dropping the scaffold over next two weeks and moving toward the north elevation. The high roof is approximately 50 percent watertight. The interior continues to progress well on all floors, with trades working their way up the building.

Week of February 8, 2016

The building enclosure continues to progress very well, with bricks going up inside the plastic enclosure. Roofing work has begun with the main high roof and will proceed onto the lower roofs in coming weeks. Meanwhile, the inside of the building continues to push along with overhead rough-in and metal stud wall framing moving on the 1 st and 2 nd floors.

Week of January 25, 2016

With the roof deck completed, workers have been installing mechanical equipment, rooftop curbs, and miscellaneous wood blocking in preparation for the roofing to begin next week. On the exterior walls, framing and sheathing is continuing on the north side of the building. Underneath the white sheeting on the south and west sides of the building, crews continue installation of the air and vapor barrier along with the exterior wall insulation and masonry veneer. Work on the steel structure that connects the existing building to the addition will continue through next week. Inside the building, metal wall studs are being installed on the lower levels, and workers are installing ductwork and other mechanical piping. Additional concrete will be poured in areas of the lower level next week.

Week of January 18, 2016

The roof deck in the primary portion of the addition is nearly completed, and next week workers will be preparing wood blocking, rooftop equipment curbs and metal framing for roofing to begin the following week. Work including moisture protection continues in the "tent" around the South and West side of the building, and next week the mason will also be working in the tent. Workers will also be preparing connections between the addition and the existing building, and the final concrete deck will be poured in the main area of the new building. Inside the building, ductwork and mechanical piping are well under way, and critical wall framing has begun.

Week of January 11, 2016

The major milestone scheduled for completion next week remains the building's steel roof decking, as crews were hindered by the extreme low temperatures early this week. Mechanical roof curbs and roof drains are the next step as soon as the decking is complete. Exterior wall construction will continue around the North end of the addition, and the mason will continue to build and enclose scaffolding to create a controlled environment in which to work on the building's exterior. Inside the building, crews will be completing the spray-applied fireproofing on the third floor. They will also continue with the installation of ductwork, mechanical piping, plumbing piping and wall framing on the first floor.

Week of January 4, 2016

Construction on the new addition is progressing on many fronts. Structural steel continues to be set in place, and crews are working on completion of the roof deck. The exterior walls are being framed around the North end of the building. Tarps have been installed over scaffolding to keep the enclosure warm for the installation of the rest of the exterior wall assembly. Once the tarps are removed, the exterior brick will be visible. Inside the building, workers are quite busy continuing with fireproofing and beginning mechanical rough-ins on lower levels. Inside the building at the lower level, crews are completing the installation of the 5-foot diameter underground ductwork.

Weeks of December 21 and December 28, 2015

A considerable amount of activity took place over the two-week winter break. Crews continued to pour concrete slabs on the first and second floors and began to install roof decking. On the exterior facades, metal framing and sheathing was added around the outside of the building. Inside the addition, spray-applied fireproofing proceeded, along with wall layout and mechanical and electrical work.

Week of November 16, 2015

The construction of the new structure for Phase 1 has been split into two primary sub-phases, the North phase and the South phase. The South steel structure is complete, and crews are pouring the elevated concrete decks now. The first and second floors are now poured, and the third floor is scheduled to be poured next week. Beginning next week, workers will also begin enclosing the building with temporary tarps to prepare for winter and allow the build-out on the inside of the building to continue unhindered. On the North side, the steel erection is well underway and the erectors are transitioning into the detailing and decking activities to prepare for concrete decks. Mechanical and electrical rough-in work has been ongoing inside the existing building as well as in the new addition.

Week of September 28, 2015

This week marks a significant milestone for the Winnetka Campus addition. The first load of structural steel has been delivered to the site, and erection will begin early in the week. The steel erection will have no impact to the function of the school or surrounding streets, although loads of steel will be arriving regularly at the site. Steel erection will require a crane about the same size as the one that has been used during the construction of the new building's foundation. Steel erectors will use impact drills and hammers to set steel in place and bolt the connections. Work on the concrete foundations will also continue throughout this week. In addition to the work on the new building, workers also will be performing earthwork and other activities along the new North access drive.

Week of August 3, 2015

Heavy site work will continue this week, with work progressing in several areas. The building pad earth retention system is in place,` and excavation will continue throughout the week. At the same time, the earthwork related to the North drive will also continue. The Essex Road project will see concrete curbs and gutters completed, as well as progress on electrical infrastructure, fencing, and sidewalks.

Week of July 13, 2015 and Saturday, July 11

On Saturday, July 11, we will be performing some work on the construction site in order to stay on schedule. Crews will be excavating and hauling off-site soils from the future Essex parking lot all day as well as pouring the new concrete base for the West underground detention system. Scheduled work also will include some demolition and preparation for the earth retention system installation. Next week these same activities will continue, so regular truck traffic should be expected. Other plans for the week of July 13 include utility installation along Woodland Avenue, which may require some disruptions to traffic on surrounding streets during the utility tie-ins. These are being coordinated with the Village of Winnetka.

Week of July 6, 2015

Construction traffic will remain heavy throughout the week as we continue underground site utility work. The underground detention structure will be installed early this week on Essex Road, and surrounding earthwork will follow as we prepare to lay the base for a future parking lot. On the West side of the campus, we will be excavating throughout the week for the second underground stormwater detention system, which will lead to regular rounds of trucks hauling soil offsite. We expect to complete the demolition of the Tech Arts Building this week, including the breakdown and removal of the existing foundation.

Week of June 22, 2015

Demolition of the Tech Arts building continues this week. Preparation for the start of school next year is underway with the construction of temporary partitions and mechanical infrastructure re-routing. Essex Road improvements are also underway along with site demolition and utility work.

Week of June 15, 2015

This week marks several new construction activities on campus. The Essex Road improvement projects are under way, beginning first with demolition of the existing parking and storage areas. Site utility work will follow closely after. Also, heavy selective demolition is occurring in the Tech Arts building in preparation for the mass demolition of the building next week.

Week of May 25, 2015

Asbestos abatement wrapped up this week in the Tech Arts Building, and work inside the building continued in preparation for the upcoming demolition.

Week of May 19, 2015

The majority of the topsoil was stripped from the North fields to make way for the new North Drive construction. The topsoil will be temporarily stockpiled on site until it is ready to be re-spread at the conclusion of the project. Asbestos abatement continued in the Tech Arts Building along with some preparatory work inside the building to accommodate the upcoming demolition.

Weeks of March 23 and March 30 (Spring Break)

The last two weeks were spent preparing the modular units in the North Annex for students and teachers to move in after Spring Break. Workers constructed the exterior deck, steps and ramps; customized the units for the specific Applied Arts and Art classes that will take place in the Annex; and connected all utilities and technology. Workers also constructed walls between the vacated Tech Arts building and the existing buildings to prepare for upcoming asbestos abatement activities.

Week of March 16, 2015

This week we received the balance of the modular classroom units that will make up the North Annex. Customization of the two wings of the Annex will continue through the next week to prepare the Art and Applied Arts classrooms and labs that will be housed inside. Work on the deck, steps, and ramps for the units has begun and will be completed next week. The Glass Arts renovation inside the existing building is also ongoing, with the finishing touches scheduled for next week in preparation for the program's move over Spring Break.

Week of March 9, 2015

This week we received and set half of the modular units in the North Annex. We have already jumped into those units to begin customization to meet the curriculum needs for the six Art and Applied Arts classrooms that will be housed in the North Annex. The electrical service work is being performed between now and Tuesday of next week, which is the marks the beginning of the delivery of the second half of units. We also are continuing renovations on a space within the existing building that will become the temporary home of our glass arts program, with most activities related to mechanical, plumbing and electrical preparation. Framing of drywall partitions has also been completed in this area.

Week of March 2, 2015
Construction Update 1 sm

This week we have completed the concrete foundations and underground sewer and water services for the classroom modular units that will make up the new North Annex. Throughout the course of next week, half of the modular units will be delivered and set in place. By the end of the week, we will begin customizing the units to meet the curriculum requirements of the spaces, such as the dust collection system for the FAB Lab (fabrication, prototyping, and wood and metal design).

This phase of construction has produced some noise audible in classrooms on the North side of the building, and we have made every effort to minimize the disruption. However, construction activities did produce a brief period of unanticipated noise during our ACT testing for juniors on March 3. As soon as we became aware of the noise, we shut down construction for the duration of the testing. The noise was audible for about 15 minutes in approximately 16 classrooms. We have reviewed our procedures and will no longer administer standardized tests near any construction area; much of our standardized testing will be moved to the Northfield Campus. Because of the close proximity of the temporary classrooms to our North building, we anticipate that this short phase of construction - due to be completed by spring break - will be the most audible to our existing classrooms for the entire project. Future construction will take place on the west side of the building, and the construction area will be separated from existing classrooms by a wall and about 30 feet of space. Our primary goal is to make sure students continue to have an excellent experience during this project, and we will continue to communicate and plan with our construction manager, faculty, staff, and parents to make that happen.