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    An email was sent to you from "Ashley Prasad" with your AtoZ directory Login ID and Password to verify your data with AtoZ.  Please use that to login and verify your data.  There are no printed directories.  The online directory is made available to you as a member of the NTPA.  Please make sure your dues are paid.

    This directory is compiled and distributed by the New Trier Parents' Association (NTPA) for school-related use only by the parents of current New Trier students.  The distribution or sale of the information included in the directory for non school-related use is strictly prohibited.

    General questions:  Ashley Prasad at   
    Residency & Address changes:  New Trier's Registrar at    
    Technical questions:  

    Click here for the flyer.

  • What do your dues do?
    Fund online Student Directory and Parents' Press, Provide Parent Programming, Plan Class Coffees and Receptions, Supply Exam Snacks to Students, Contribute to the Angel Fund, Plan Staff Appreciation Events, Foster Parent Connections, Support Senior Awards Family Reception, Host Graduation Party and Fund Senior Year-End Activities, Back NTHS Scholarship Fund and Family Action Network (FAN).


Hello Everyone,

You received a packet in the mail with the NTPA Quick Guide and brochure the first week of December.  The Quick Guide is a helpful resource when questions arise throughout the year, including information and instructions for connecting to this year's online school directory--AtoZ.  The AtoZ Directory verification email was sent to all families (that did not opt out) so you should have confirmed your data for the new school year with AtoZ directly at . If you cannot find your password please log in using your email and click Forgot Password and follow the directions. This is another service the Parents' Association offers to all its members.

The leadership of the Parents' Association consists of approximately 100 volunteers, recruited and organized by grade. Additionally, over 300 parent volunteers serve as Adviser Room Representatives who provide support to the Advisers and supply the important communications link to the parent community.  Please look over the brochure in that mailing packet to familiarize yourself with all that your NTPA does to fulfill its mission each year, as we provide funding and volunteers to sponsor and support a host of school-wide activities.  Your donations are greatly appreciated.

NTPA opportunities are available to parents in each of the 4 classes--2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022-- throughout the year and there will also be information on the class webpages.

Laurie Kutsche and Sophia Kondos
Co-Presidents of the New Trier Parents' Association (NTPA)



Please submit online volunteer forms:  2020 | 2021 | 2022 | 2023 (Incoming Freshmen)


Many NTPA programs  are videotaped and available for viewing online or parents may borrow videotapes by calling NTPA Secretary 847-784-2202.

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